Uncle Mike Earns Respect as a Short Story Teller in Four Books

Well-received by critics and readers, Uncle Mike sets his works in a bigger scale

Uncle Mike is a story teller. His unique take on fictional stories with wit and humor earns him a nod from different book reviewing bodies. He is the man behind the books Saddle Sore, Time Keepers, Eye of the Sleeping Dragon, and Quasar.

Saddle Sore is a fast-paced, humorous adventure about the good guys and the bad guys of the old west. If you think cowboys always ride their horses, this book offers a milder taste, but more laughable moments. Time Keepers is intended to be of comedy-science fiction for all ages of readers. This book is about two New York college graduates getting involved with future Time Keepers of the world. Main settings are of New York, Florida and Andros Island.

Eye of the Sleeping Dragon is taken literally by some readers. But those who read this book know that it is more adventurous than anyone can guess. Inspired by a Chinese backdrop, the story is about solving a fable that leads to the characters’ escapade in finding true friendship, discovery of the nature of life, acceptance and understanding the magic of love.

Uncle Mike’s Quasar is a contemporary science fiction which is set in a bar in New Orleans, where two groups of men form nearly the same diagnosis. Quite provoking, this one is dedicated to the gay community. Backed up by Pacific Book Review, “This book is best for readers who like un-PC humor from no-holds-barred comedians similar to Bill Maher or Dave Chappelle. The collection of stories would be a great addition to a reader’s library of short stories or humorous books. Uncle Mike’s collection of stories is excellent for readers who want an amalgam of silly and serious. If readers are looking for outlandish humor, but also want short stories that reference Shakespeare, Quasar is the perfect book. Uncle Mike has written a collection of stories that are a short, and a fun read. Quasar is a book that is small in pages, but will give readers a really big laugh.

One of his stories will be seen on a bigger screen for its movie trailer this year. And he also has the entry to the coveted Hollywood Book Festival.

Uncle Mike is currently focusing on his coloring book. He is a story teller by heart and an artist by hand.

Uncle Mike

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Eye of the Sleeping Dragon


Time Keepers

Saddle Sore

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About the Author

Uncle Mike was born in Nebraska. The poet, writer, and former welder is fond of writing humorous stories that young and old readers enjoy. He is also interested in the fields of art and sciences. 

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