John L. Givens III Brings Encouragement Theme in Inspirational Poetry Book

Poetry in the Spirit is not just a book of poetic expressions; it is a work of Divine encouragement

To a former Marine Senior Drill Instructor and Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, he admits that he initially didn’t have a knack of writing and composing poems. Then theHoly Spirit woke him up one day and said, “Encourage my people through poetry that I will give you in the Spirit.”

John L. Givens’ life has changed ever since. He releases, Poetry in the Spirit-Inspiration at your point of need, which have captured the emotion of the readers from different walks of life. As the Spirit steered him, he began to write poems in rhymes and in freestyle with an empowering message for souls who need comfort, strength and providence.

When it comes to failure, John poetically explains: “You will never grow bigger than your own thoughts, If on your failures you become caught. Fear sometimes plays tricks on you, It will make you forget what you really can do.”  With a positive tone and carefully chosen words, John knows and sees life with hope and vim. He adds that, “Someone that you could trust with the secretes of your heart and the treasures of your hopes. I recommend Jesus Christ to you.” 

With a book that delivers spiritual fortitude, John says, “This book is just a small indication of how Almighty God has revealed His Sovereign providence in my life.  May those who have an ear to hear, receive the fullness of God’s engrafted Word.  May your hearts, souls, and minds be consumed by His Spirit; that you may have life more abundantly!”

John L. Givens III

Poetry in the Spirit

The book is available on Xulon Press,, Barnes and,, and other major retailers

About the Author

John writes from the experience of being the husband of one wife, Ann Givens of over 30 years and the father of 3 adult children: Anthony O’Neal, early thirties, a Motivational Speaker with the Dave Ramey Team in Tennessee; Yvette Henry, early thirties, a middle school Math Teacher in Oceanside, California; and John Givens IV (aka John Givez), mid-twenties, an aspiring young positive Hip Hop Artist in Los Angeles, California. Many of the emotions that are captured in this book are based upon John’s powers of observation and sound biblical understanding, which he acquired from his home Church and the radio air waves around his southern California community. John has been a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1993 and currently serves in southern California in several ministry capacities.

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