Seven Bridges Group LLC Launches The Seven Bridges Alliance To Help Members Build Thriving Outsourced Accounting Practices

LAS VEGAS, NV – 12 Jun, 2017 – At the Engage Conference, Seven Bridges Group LLC (7B) announced that CPA Firms now have a new one-stop source of peer collaboration and services to launch and grow an outsourced accounting practice. Seven Bridges(7B) has come together with other CPA firms to create the Seven Bridges Alliance, an association of accounting, consulting, and professional services firms. In addition to 7B, the Seven Bridges Alliance includes accounting firm members such as BST and their Virtual Business Solutions division, and Quantum FBI, along with business management service companies such as Incubator Finance and The Financial CoPilot. 

Clients from firms that are part of the Alliance will now have access to resources, opportunities and contributions from all member firms. This gives businesses working with 7B and other Seven Bridges Alliance partners the chance to benefit from a comprehensive range of services. Firms that came together in this union share core client and partnering values and have committed themselves to collaborating on synergies that benefit all involved. 

“BST was very excited to be a founding member of the 7B Alliance” said Kristen Berdar, Partner and head of the Virtual Business Solutions division of BST. “The hands-on advisory guidance and support has been a perfect complement to the high-value strategic advisory services we provide our clients.”

John Yeager, founder and managing director of Seven Bridges Group, is excited about the launch of this unique Alliance. “As far as we know, this is the first Alliance of CPA firms geared around launching, building and growing outsourced accounting practices”, he stated. “Our mission is to help firms make the transition from just an outsourced accounting provider to a true business advisory firm that is helping clients in a strategic, high impact way – and that helps them grow while generating profitable revenue.” 

A Hands on Approach

Yeager emphasized the hands on approach employed by Seven Bridges Alliance partners when working with clients, and said that it sets them apart from other firms. “We are a member-driven organization. Our model allows businesses to quickly deploy, get to the market and take advantage of our service offerings. We help members grow a successful outsourced accounting practice by offering strategy, accounting, sales, and marketing support. We also help our clients navigate the participating vendor accountant programs and serve as an advocate for our members.”

About Seven Bridges Group LLC (“7B”):

7B provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced accounting services including technology, outsourced accounting, marketing, business development, sales, advisory and consulting. Our approach in working with CPA firms is to develop a custom roadmap that will allow the firm to take on as little or as much of the servicing as they are ready for, with 7B and alliance service providers filling any remaining gaps. We understand the desires and capacity of a firm to provide services will change over time based on scalability, resources, market changes and strategic plans. We believe our approach gives the firm the most flexibility, with the least risk and the greatest likelihood of achieving success.

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