Pharma Supply, Inc. Announces the Most Effective Pain Blocking Solution for Needles and Injections

WELLINGTON, FL – 12 Jun, 2017 – Today Pharma Supply, Inc. officially debuted FREEZEshot, their most innovative product to date, a company spokesman announced.

The South Florida-based company’s revolutionary new product eliminates pain from needles, lancets, and sharps of all kinds. Simply store the FREEZEshot in the freezer, take it out when you’re ready to inject or get a shot, and hold on the spot for approximately 30 seconds. That’s all it takes to eliminate pain from shots and injections!

Pharma Supply is taking pre-orders now, and is poised to get rid of the fear people experience with shot and needles. Whether it’s a young mother with her nervous child getting a booster at the pediatrician, or a diabetic who dreads lancing their fingers and administering insulin shots, needles are no longer something to dread! Combined with the company’s Aftertest Topical Pain Relief Stick, Pharma Supply, Inc. has demonstrated a clear and definite resolve to fight pain before, during, and after injections/shots.

Pharma Supply’s products have been distributed in more than 25 countries, and they are a growing international force. The company has been ramping up production of goods due to an increasing demand, and they are positioned for growth with their expanding sales force and improved online/web experience.

Congratulations on a successful and promising launch, Pharma Supply, Inc.!

About the company:

Pharma Supply’s philosophy is founded on the principle of supplying the newest and most innovative technology to the medical supply community. By striving to produce the most efficient and economical products for their customers through extensive research and development, they have proven their devotion and dedication to improving the industry.

The Advocate brand has been distributed nationally as well as internationally to numerous regions including Central America, South America, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. Pharma Supply’s exceptional sales and customer service departments are equipped to assist customers in multiple languages and are available 24/7.

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