Eco Art Heating Green introduces slim and sleek glass radiators for household and office demands

Eco Art Heating Green is a company that produces heating panels. It is based in China. It offers a variety of options for heating panels. It caters to the demands of both, the household needs as well as the official places. The products guarantee uniform and deep heating.

Eco Art Heating Green is a company that manufactures and sells heating panels. By offering a variety of products for different purposes, they are able to provide heating solutions to customers having varied requirements. They provide for the requirements of both, the domestic as well as the commercial spaces. Their products are affordable and cost effective. Customer satisfaction for the company’s products can be credited to reasonable prices and the variety of options that are offered to the customers. It is committed to provide its customers with unique and new innovations in the field of heating solutions. The company is able to provide quality products at affordable price.

Eco Art Heating Green produces glass radiators that are used as bathroom radiators to provide heating. The electric glass radiator has an innovative tempered glass design, it can be installed vertically, there are supports to place towels and they are controlled by radio frequency digital thermostat, it is easy to install and it is ultra slim. The radiator controls upto one degree of the temperature that it is set at, hence the temperature is consistent. Due to the consistency of the temperature it consumes less electricity and saves up on the electricity bill. Customer satisfaction is observed to be high due to these factors. 

The glass radiators work on infrared heaters. Through electromagnetic radiation, bodies at higher temperatures transfer energy to bodies at lower temperatures. These heaters can either function in atmosphere or vacuum. Hence these products make heating more efficient and ensuring consistency of the temperature that has been set. The company designs products keeping in mind the comfort of the customers while using the products, hence it ensures that all the features are user friendly and that they enrich the customer’s experience of using the product. Other factors that are kept in mind while incorporating the features of a product are safety and convenience. 

glass radiators

In present times appearance and functioning go hand in hand. These electric glass radiators look good and provide efficient heating at the same time. Their slim design and temperature control make them sensible and stylish addition to the bathroom. Thus they pose as one of the most well balanced option as heating solutions.

All products offered for purchase by Eco Art Heating Green are available on their official website. All details, description and images of all products are available on the website. Assistance will also be provided by representatives of the company who will be available round the clock to clear any doubts or answer questions pertaining to the products.

About Eco Art Heating Green:

Eco Art Heating Green is a company based in China that produces products that offer heating solutions that cater to various requirements of the customers. To know more please visit their official website. 

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