Airwheel Launched New Arrivals – R6 Fast Electric Bike And H3 Electric Wheelchair in May 2017

In May, 2017, Airwheel gave its fans surprises with the born of R6 pedal assist bike and H3 smart wheelchair which greatly enlarges its consumer base.

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After the triggering of industrial revolution in England in 17th century, people started to move towards modern cities to seek for a better living condition. The development of modern city has been established upon the consumption of carbon and coal. Airwheel electric scooter brings a green and eco-friendly life to everyone and produces different models to meet the various needs. It is entering the mainstream market and changes people’s lives. The earth will be cleaner and happier in the coming future. The launch of Airwheel mars rover, especially the new products R6 electric assist bike and H3 electric wheelchair enlighten their hope and brings a brand new way of locomotion.

R6 pedal assist electric bike

What is happiness? Happiness is a family reunion after years; happiness is waking up alongside the love of your life; happiness is microwaved popcorn; happiness is a fresh new haircut; happiness is standing on a balcony sipping tea; happiness is eating…For the disabled, their happiness is to move freely without other’s help. Before the release of Airwheel H3, they are anxious about the trouble brought. Then, Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair changes everything. The adoption of the sitting-posture mode makes possible the long-distance travelling and brings a more convenient and comfortable trip. Also, H3 can be folded and unfolded automatically to make it more convenient.

Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair

The other new model is R6 pedal assist electric bike which is designed for adventure lovers who like driving car at top speed to chase passion and entertainment, but driving burns a lot of fuel and destroys the nature. Airwheel R6 can meet their need. As a 14-inch and powerful bike, R6 can conquer any terrain, so users can ride it to anywhere they want. Also, R6 adopts an updated engine, which could ride for 18 km/h. also, it has three ride modes allowing them to alter freely and enjoy more fun.

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There is no doubt Airwheel will roll out more humanized products to let more people enjoy the advanced tech and science.

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