Sci-fi mystery movie The Answer gets July bow

The brainchild of Iqbal Ahmed

High Octane Pictures are releasing Iqbal Ahmed’s The Answer, which is garnering good early buzz, this July on VOD.

The Answer tells of an introverted young man that – after an attack – must follow clues left by his dead parents in order to figure out who is after him – and who he really is.

The film was inspired by “identity” movies, explains the filmmaker.

Director Ahmed tells LRM, “I’ve always loved genre movies. Genre films start with these impossible ideas and find a way for me to believe their stories.  Coupled with my love of genre films, especially sci-fi, is the fact that I also really love identity movies.

I think that identity and figuring out who you are is a universal concept. At some point, all of us spent time trying to find out exactly who we were and where we fit in the world. It’s all part of growing up.  Whether that exploration happens during your childhood, adolescence, young adulthood or even adulthood — there’s always that relevance to identity that we share.  I wanted to tie a genre film into something that I thought dramatically and emotionally we could all relate to.”

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