Stereocap launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Futuristic Headphones!

A Solution Patented in the Fashion Capital of the World Offers a Whole New Way of Wearing Headphones!

Stereocap are the world’s first customizable headphones that are specially designed to be worn with caps. Patented in Paris, the headphones take technological advancement and style to a whole new level and are being offered endless options and possibilities. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to back Stereocap Headphones and is offering these headphones as a reward to the pledges made by the supporters worldwide.

Stereocap is especially designed for the fashion lover worldwide who love to enjoy music while remaining on their feet. For riders, athletes, dancers, performers and everyone who wants to move in style while keeping the music on, these headphones are a true treat. In addition, the headphones are manufactured only with premium components that are designed in France. Moreover, the earmuffs rotate on tri-axis for a perfect fit for everyone.

The greatest feature of these amazing Stereocap headphones is perhaps the possibility of wearing them with or without a cap. Moreover, the ear pads and ear caps that come with these headphones are also interchangeable and come in several colors to match the cap or even sneakers. Also, they are entirely wireless and use Bluetooth connectivity. With HD audio, battery timing of up to 30 hours, wireless range of 30 meters, high quality microphone and call answer features, they are a true marvel of ingenuity and are now being offered to everyone through Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers pledges from €5 to €8500 with several amazing rewards offering these Stereocap units along with several other perks.

About Stereocap

Stereocap is one of the most amazing technological innovation of the 21st century and it has been born in France. The company offers technologically sophisticated wireless headphones that not only offer high quality audio but also, they can be worn with or without a cap with ease and style. The company is now seeking community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to back the project.

Media Contact
Company Name: Stereocap
Contact Person: Xavier Cazes
Phone: (+33) 0769777907
Address:36, residence Bel Air 91000
City: Longjumeau
Country: France