Design Velocity: Is Your Business Prepared?

New York, USA – June 13th, 2017 – 71% of companies report that they are creating ten times the number of creative assets today than just a few years ago. Even as mobile communications and social media have proliferated, consumers have also grown more demanding — expecting immediate, personalized experiences both online and in-store.

Design has never been so critical to the success of businesses — The Design Management Institute’s Design Value Index reports that design-driven companies outperformed the S&P index by 219% in the years between 2004 and 2014. While most brands strive for a well-designed, seamless brand experience, creating them is a challenge — one that a new breed of design studio, Float Design, is taking on.

Traditionally, companies have had the choice of hiring an in-house creative team or defaulting to a patchwork of freelancers. However, both have had significant downsides. Hiring brings with it huge fixed costs with salaries, office space, computer equipment, and software — plus difficulty scaling during peak-periods. While freelancers can be cost-effective, they can also be inconsistent and unreliable, leaving your business vulnerable. Float Design is a new breed of design studio, taking the best from the agency, in-house, and freelance approaches into a new partnership with clients.

“We work primarily with beauty and lifestyle brands where design is paramount to their success. They know they need great design, but they’ve been frustrated trying to keep up. Often our clients have in-house designers but they are swamped, or they don’t have the range of skills that the marketing team needs. Or other times for smaller brands, we act as their entire creative team. We love this deep partnering with brands and seeing them grow,” says Larissa Pickens, founder and creative director of Float Design.

This new approach is also reflected in the way Float Design works. Rather than a central office, they are a distributed team across the US that stays up-to-date with a myriad of internet tools and a heavy emphasis on work-life balance. “Design is a profession infamous for burning people out. We strive to find equilibrium between life and work because it’s not only where we’re happiest, but we also produce our best work,” says Pickens.

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