OolaLounge, The Ultimate Pool Float and Lounge

Luxury water lounge with comfort and relaxation, while laying both on your front and back. The last Pool Lounge you will ever need.

Water is one of the best places to relax. The combination of gentle movement, soft sounds, and soothing support provided by water all combine to create a unique experience found nowhere else. Most waterfront vacationers with relaxation in mind rely on flotation devices as their platform from which leisure is had. Sadly, many popular flotation devices suffer from lack of back support, uncomfortable neck supports, and narrow shapes that hinder proper enjoyment of the water. These factors stop vacationers from getting as relaxed as they could be, and bring down the waterfront experience as a whole. Luckily, the OolaLounge is here to revolutionize the flotation industry and provide maximum comfort to all.

The OolaLounge was created by a team of individuals who recognized the problems with flotation devices and decided to fix them once and for all. First and foremost on their list of issues was creating a proper headrest. Many inflatables rely on a hard “pillow” that becomes uncomfortable after prolonged usage, making it necessary to constantly interrupt relaxation and switch body positions. The OolaLounge’s solution to this was a revolutionary new headrest that emulates the headrest of a massage bed. The OolaLounge’s headrest incentivizes users to lay face down on the inflatable, a comfortable position that is facilitated by a series of openings that deliver air to the user. The second issue the team faced was the lack of support offered by most inflatables. They combated this issue by designing the OolaLounge to be wide, which offers maximum stability and allows users to spread out on the device. Additionally, the OolaLounge features an inflatable support bar at its bottom that helps to support the lower back and offer maximum comfort.

When these improvements are combined, the end result is an incredible flotation device that offers relaxation and enjoyment like no other inflatable on the market. 

With design and initial prototyping over, only one roadblock stands in the OolaLounge’s way: funding. The costs of creating the final prototype and moving on to production are much larger than the OolaLounge team initially projected. Therefore, they have started a Kickstarter, in the hopes that people will realize the improvements to waterfront relaxation offered by the OolaLounge and donate. With reader support, the OolaLounge can finally reach the public and improve the waterfront experience for all.


For more information, visit the OolaLounge Kickstarter page.

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