VEN-UE Announces Music Artist Virtual Experience

A groundbreaking on-line platform has launched! This virtual stage platform puts control and profitability back into the hands of artists while also allowing fans access to new music and all-access, interactive experiences with artists anywhere in the world.

VEN-UE is a new music platform catering to both indie artists and fans that love original indie music. Brought to you by a group of seasoned music professionals, this empowering virtual platform has been developed to allow artists and fans to experience unique connections and performances regardless of location. VEN-UE was also designed to empower the artist, creating a virtual revenue stream while allowing independent acts to effectively market to existing and new fans worldwide. VEN-UE caters to both artists and fans, with performances from wherever and whenever the artist chooses.

“VEN-UE is a pro-artist business model solely focused on independent artists from around the globe.  We’re helping artists develop a global platform to showcase music, create a revenue stream, and elevate exposure. It’s the perfect platform for artists to develop fan relationships that are genuine while putting money in the artists’ pockets. Fans want unprecedented access to artists and VEN-UE will be the vehicle to connect them,”  said Craig Price – VEN-UE’s Founder & CEO.

VEN-UE features live performances of original music in a multitude of genres. Fans can view live or “VOD (Video On-Demand)” performances as well as download exclusive music with a click of a button from any mobile, tablet or computer. Fans can subscribe to follow their favorite bands while also being introduced to bands, without the boundaries of budget or location.

“The concept of the company is connectivity. It is proven people value experiences far more than products. Developing the fan-for-live experience is why we are having an influx of artists sign-up to use VEN-UE; which is free and always will be free for our artists. We’re excited to allow our artists the opportunity to be in control of everything from scheduling their performances, to marketing, to making money doing what they love without dealing incurring the normal costs of performing,” finished Price.

VEN-UE is offering complimentary media accounts for qualified members of the press to try the service as a fan. Interviews with VEN-UE’s Executive Team are available, as are press calls with currently signed up artists thriving with the VEN-UE platform.

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