Capital Funding extending easy financing to foreigners up to $100 million at lower rates

Houston-based Capital Funding is helping foreign nationals to realize their investments in US real estate with hassle-free financing solution up to $100 million at way lower rates than the market.

Houston, TX – June 13, 2017 – Foreign nationals keen on investing in the US but worried about financing woes can finally heave a sigh of relief! Leading direct lending company Capital Funding is extending easy commercial financing solutions up to $100 million to foreign nationals at lower rates than traditional lenders. The Houston-based organization is known for great range of loan choices, competitive price points and valuable professional advice.

Capital Funding caters to all foreign buyers aspiring to purchase investment property in the USA for renting or leasing. The company also assists buyers interested in commercial properties like office buildings or hotels as well as borrowers with ITIN status. US citizens who work and earn abroad and foreigners with certain work visas (other than B-1/B-2 visitor visa) are covered too.

“US real estate market is a paradise for smart investors. We know there are many foreign nationals interested in our property sector but it’s the usual financing challenges like stringent credit checks and high rates -that upset their investment opportunities big time. However, they can let go off such worries now as we assure the most convenient financing solution for the foreign investors at lower rates and without strict credit checks. Our process is faster, hassle-free, affordable and most competitive. Most importantly, we promise you customized loan package with due respect to your typical investment and financing needs”, stated Mike Stevens, the key spokesperson from Capital Funding.

Most of the loans offered by the company are variable rate mortgages. For example, the direct lender is flexible to offer 70% financing to a borrower with multi-currency rates as little as 4.50 percent and only 4.642% APR. No credit check would be carried which makes the loan approval even faster.  

“We have been working with foreign investors for quite some time and have already established our name as a trusted direct lender. Our clients especially count on us for our low rates, huge product selection & robust assistance at every step.”

Capital Funding works with a huge network of widely acclaimed financial brokers and they work collaboratively to ensure the most innovative financing solution for the investors and developers.

Speaking further, Mike assured prompt response times with every loan application. 

“We want to ensure a pleasant and satisfactory financing experience for our clients. Thus, we all our loan inquiries and applications and immediately checked and you will receive a valid response within just 24 hours. Our underwriters will instantly detail the Lending Turn Sheet Agreement & send to each applicant instantly after the agreement has been signed. Then, as soon as you accept the agreement terms, our underwriters will send you the Loan Commitment Letter as fast as possible.”

The company further assured same favorable terms for foreign buyers as are with the domestic investors.

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New York, US – 12 June, 2017 — After reforming and opening up for 20 years, the life insurance industry has gradually become the next new financial industry in China with huge upside potential, but in general China’s life insurance industry is still in its infant stage of development.

China has become a member of the World Trade Organization and this poses new severe challenges. At present, China’s social security, pension and medical security system is under-developed, under this background, China market is in need of more innovative insurance product.

Current problem:

1.        Life insurance industry is a debt management industry which strive to establish long-term investment model to utilize its funds and investment objective. The need to improve the level of investment profitability is the crux of this whole business. The solvency of the life insurance company is a comprehensive reflection of the overall business level of the company, which is caused by the whole operation process, from the product and sales to the incremental increase in the value of the insurance product which also involve the insurer, insured, operator, broker and China insurance policy. Many of the above factors causes the shortage of funds in the China’s life insurance industry.

2.        There are many reasons for the lack of public awareness in life insurance, one is the short history of life insurance in China, the second is the impact of traditional culture and planned economy, the third is the development of China’s life insurance industry is still at its infant stage and people do not see the importance of buying insurance. Although there is a lot of progress compared to the previous years, but in general the people in China do not feel the need to buy insurance, which give rise to the challenges of the insurance companies.

Rise of the saviour:

SH Group with the help of many years in insurance brokers’ operations and international experience in financing, have embarked to analyse and find reliable and financially sound insurance companies. On the use of appropriate contracts to strengthen the risk management to ensure insurance company pay the insured. The company also introduce foreign insurance companies which will bring in new business ideas, marketing methods and advanced management methods. SH Group will bring a new revolution to the China’s insurance market.



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