Xodus Adventures extends unique fitness program to stay tuned with changing times

North Fork Valley-based wellness organization Xodus Adventures is offering a holistic wellness, fitness and preparedness program to keep one fit and ready enough to deal with the unforeseen challenges of the changing world

North Fork, CO – June 13, 2017 – The world is constantly changing often baring us to unforeseen challenges that seem too hard to tackle. But good news is that help is right on the way. North Folk Valley-based wellness organization Xodus Adventures has assured to prepare for the unexpected events of the changing world through its unique holistic Fitness & Wellness Retreats. The group currently caters to local homeschooling community and aspires to reach out to the whole nation in near future.

“We are committed to help people to reach their best possible selves to handle the constantly changing world around us. We have seen that fitness, wellness & preparedness are all interconnected and you need that combined support to live life as an adventure. Thus, we have come up with a new-generation fitness 2.0 program which follows a holistic approach to fulfill both health and wellness goals better than ever. For the first time ever, you have a program that connects the dots between fitness and the quality life which a person wishes for. Our comprehensive approach helps one to reciprocate more proactively than passively to the world”, stated Kalvin Evans who founded Xodus Adventures with his better-half Liz Evans.

Kalvin is an erstwhile Air Force Russian and Chinese Linguist who learnt his primary fitness skills while in the military. He went to Survival School and it was where he understood the important link between fitness, wellness and preparedness. Kalvin was also one of the notable competitors on famous Discovery Channel show “One Man Army: Fear Is Not An Option” (2011) where he talked about his philosophy of being in great shape to tackle the unexpected events in life.  On the other hand, Liz is a sports enthusiast and a veteran bodyworker for more than 15 years now.

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Xodus Adventures extends a wide range of unconventional fitness training modules to make the entire program more enjoyable and relaxed for the families. These include Bootcamp Calisthenic training, personal 1-on-1 training, nutritional counseling, self-defense training and many such programs necessary to stay fit. 

Speaking further, Kalvin mentioned about their comprehensive wellness plan that cover fitness, nutrition and wellness goals. In his own words – “Our plan is meticulously designed to transcend you from the start till the peak of your absolute wellness goals.”

He also has a radio program where he shares fitness advice every Friday 10am MST at www.kvnf.org

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/_FUQoFZkim8

Xodus Adventures also offers a preparedness course called “Be Ready Compass” that’s backed by the important and relevant lessons Kalvin learnt in the Preparedness Survival training back during his Survival School days.

“We have got dedicated empathetic partners who help our clients with the additional community support to attain their fitness, wellness and preparedness goals. We are flexible to travel to share our tools to eliminate the communication gap between spouses and their kids which further helps to enhance the bonding between them. Modern society is being increasingly defined by angst and stress in the communities and emotional & physical fitness as well as family wellness & preparedness are of utmost importance to reduce the tension today,” Liz Evans added in.

To prepare yourself to handle the changing world, visit www.xodusadventures.com

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