Mango TV and Mango Big-V Company do trans-boundary micro business to promote the development and change of micro business industry


For the most watched types of TV programs in recent years, “Reality Show” TV is irreplaceable, and for the fastest developing and hottest industry in recent years, it is “Micro Business”.

A new form of entertainment has been created in variety show programs as the rise of the “Reality Show” programs, and meanwhile, the “Reality Show” programs also accelerate the promotion of the soft power of China culture, speed up the development of culture industry and open up Chinese cultural market for our own.

The micro business is a new industry in recent years which develops quite rapidly with the convenience of “WeChat”, and according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 million men involved in this industry. For the rapid development of the micro business industry, it is based on the popularity of smart mobile phone, as well as the development of mobile terminal applications, and of course, the slogan “entrepreneurship and innovation ” proposed by Premier Li Keqiang and the supporting attitude from the government can’t be ignored.

Then what kind of park will happen if the cultural industries cooperate with the micro business industry?

The micro business has ever suffered criticism for its own problems because of fast development and long-term status lack of regulation, however, the micro business constantly regulates and changes among people’s argument. From the earliest simple sales in friends’ circle on “WeChat” to the various types right now including sales, packaging, logistics, training, promotion, advertising words, designation, industry conference, exhibition and video, the micro business has already been the industry chain with amount of Components.

Now Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Commerce Bureau and Quality Supervision Bureau has also engaged in and began to supervise the micro business industry, which will promote the changes in the industry.

And recently a news was broke out that Mango Big-V company will do some important things!

Mango Big-V is a company focusing on “micro business to content, and content to entertainment”. It is said that Mango Big-V will do the domestic reality show “Micro, Love Beans” which is the first own star variety TV program, together with Mango TV which is the leader of the variety TV program in China. Its purpose is to let micro businessmen show themselves just like a star on the stage of attention, which will make micro business industry be more transparent in public.

As soon as the news broke out, everyone’s circle of friends on WeChat has been overflowed with this news, causing hot discuss!

The media worker in micro business industry, Liang Laoshi said, the micro businessmen reality show program launched by Mango Big-V will be a historic move, which promotes the micro business industry from a closed and small circle to a big stage in the country.

Some people who are optimistic about the micro business believe this is a signal issued by Hunan Radio and Television Group to support the micro businessmen.

There are also many people who are not optimistic about the micro business said, what the Mango Big-V will do is really crazy, which will push the micro business industry from the back corner to the public for dispute.

For cultural industry upgrading and trans-boundary integration, does it accelerate the regulations and changes in micro business industry and promote this industry chain to develop further? Or just push micro business industry in the back corner to the stage in public and let the micro businessmen face audiences’ dispute?

For the program “Micro, Love Beans” launched by Mango Big-V, let’s wait and see!

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