Introducing You’ve Got Problems, A Conversation-Creating Card Game

There is nothing better than having a laugh with a bunch of close friends while enjoying riveting conversation. Today a new card game named You’ve Got Problems from the creator of Superfight and Red Flags is here to provide just that.

The life of every party is the conversation that goes on within that party. So the pressure of every gathering is a pressure to keep conversation both alive and interesting. Unfortunately, this pressure can often make conversation seemed forced and uninteresting. Here to solve this problem is a brand new game called You’ve Got Problems from Jack Dire, the comic mastermind behind Superfight, Blank Mary Kill, and Red Flags. His games are well known for their ability to start hilarious and often loud conversations, and this game continues that mission.

You’ve Got Problems is all about choosing the best of terrible problems presented to you. At the start of each round, one player is selected as the judge. All other players hold a hand of perk cards as well as a hand of problems cards. These perk cards are inscribed with incredible powers like the ability to mute anyone at will or the fortune of always being the most attractive person in the room. The problem cards, on the other hand, are inscribed with problems like being unable to stop peeing or the curse of having bees fly out of your mouth every time you open it.. Players select two of the perk cards from their hands to give to the judge. Then the players select problem cards to go with another player’s set of two perk cards in an attempt to sabotage those other players’ perks. The judge must then decide which perks they choose, knowing that the attached problem comes with them.

The gameplay is incredibly simple, yet the content on each of the six hundred cards is designed to spawn countless conversations complete with exotic debates on strange topics. In turn, You’ve Got Problems can help any party or gathering come to life.

To bring You’ve Got Problems to the market, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can pre-order the game as well as its two expansion packs and eighteen Kickstarter-exclusive cards. These one hundred card expansion packs add either a bit of geek culture or crude humor into the mix to make You’ve Got Problems even more exciting. With this support, the You’ve Got Problems team aims to bring ludicrous fun to friends everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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