Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Highlights How SUPERFIT Kids is Working to Make Kids Healthier in a Fun, New Way

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Los Angeles, CA – June 13, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces and exclusive interview with Ivette Cortiella, President and owner of SUPERFIT KIDS,

Cortiella says she had a dream to have a transformative effect on childhood obesity in the US. To make her dream become a reality, she designed the SUPERFIT program as tool to help teens and kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle by offering fitness DVD packages. During the interview with Kathy, Ivette shares the impetus behind the creation of her program and her passion for helping kids get fit through additional avenues.

The idea behind SUPERFIT is to provide both children and parents a proven regimen that includes fun and rewarding exercises as well as education and help with healthy eating all from the comfort of their own home. Of course, the program also offers options that allow kids to work out in a gym. This is referred to as a MELTDOWN STATION. These gyms are only for kids and teens and are created with their needs and preferences in mind. Exercise options that are present could include activities that utilize a Playstation among other fun exercises. The idea is to make working out and getting healthy fun for kids. To make it a positive experience. To build up their confidence and increase their self-worth.

“Our mission is to help kids learn the ins and outs of fitness and wellness. We want to walk with them and be with them through the whole process.” Ivette Cortiella, President and Owner of SUPERFIT/MELTDOWN STATION.

The program has been endorsed by a number of influential people like Jimmy Carter, Maria Shriver, Barrack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and companies like Microsoft, Walt Disney Company and Nike.

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