Diseased or Deficient? Basic Reset™ Offers Remarkable Solution for Health & Well-Being

Hendersonville, Tn. – June 13, 2015 – Consumers now have an easy and intriguing new way to improve the very foundation of their health and well-being, thanks to over 45  years of research conducted by Fred Kaufman, founder and CEO of Basic Reset. Although the company offers a variety of products, their best-selling items are Ionyte™ and AquaLyte™, mineral supplements that are added to drinking water.

Fred was always a firm believer in the idea that a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, along with supplementation, was the key to restoring health.  But with a growing suspicion that there could be an easier way, his investigations led him to information about Okinawa, Japan, where the residents are recognized as the healthiest, longest living people in the world. Many of Okinawa’s residents, in fact, routinely live beyond 100 years.

Fred found their secret in the research of Professor Emeritus Jun Kobayashi of Okayama University. Fred discovered that the secret lies in their mineral-rich drinking water, which is superior to any other water on the planet. This investigation resulted in him connecting with an inventor who had developed a special proprietary process using eco-friendly ocean coral to create a product called AquaLyte that keeps thesevital minerals in an “ionically charged” state when added to drinking water. Fred later invented a full spectrum liquid mineral product with organic complexes from plants called Ionyte that also has topical applications.

“We have something that’s unique, and it addresses the very foundation of health, not just for humans, but for plants and animals, too.” says Fred.  “When these minerals are added to ordinary water, it changes and restructures the water to become the ideal water for health. Did you know that it is impossible to be healthy without the right amount of the right kind of water? The right kind of water is water with the full spectrum of minerals and that’s exactly what you get when you add AquaLyte and Ionyte to your drinking water.” Fred has created a video to tell his story and how these products work to transform the health of everyone who uses them. “You’ve got to see this video!” he says, “It will change your life!”

Access the video here: http://energizelife.basicreset.com/

About Basic Reset

Basic Reset was established in 2015 by Fred Kaufman and his wife Kim. The products are the result of Fred’s unceasing curiosity and research into the connection between health and nutrition.

Basic Reset is a network marketing company with a specialized product line, and offers the opportunity for customers to get paid for their referrals. “We’re just people helping people. This is not just about us, it’s about you! Everyone wants to feel great and look great! Basic Reset makes it easy for anyone to succeed!”

For more information about Basic Reset and its products, visit http://energizelife.basicreset.com

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