Gaia Game Studios Announces Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domination Kickstarter Launch

Dive into the human body and experience the chaotic universe that takes place inside of us right now!

Swoyersville, PA – On June 8th 2017, illustrator and designer Andrew Gaia launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new game, Bio-Logic: Microscopic Domination. Gaia Game Studios seeks funding to take tabletop gamers into a world where few have ventured. 

“Bio-Logic transforms you into a genetically engineered Super-bug implanted into the body of a madman. Gamers will love the immersive and true-to-life mechanics that emulate the real biological systems of the human body,” explained the creator, “With a blend of character development and unique world expansion/reaction, Bio-Logic keeps you on your toes (tentacles?) as you must curb your thirst for power to withstand the ever-present force that wants you dead, the madman himself.”

In Bio-Logic, players embody 1 of 6 unique Super-bugs competing to survive and ultimately dominate the inner body. To succeed, players must tactically place body tiles to uncover development opportunities and utilize world manipulation. In the same breath, they must navigate their unique Super-bug around the body, infecting it to their side, building their strength.

The mysterious world of Bio-Logic is all about adaptability. The simple core mechanics of expanding the world and navigating your bug allow players to focus on their tactical decisions to win the game. With modular board placement and choice player development, no game of Bio-Logic is ever the same. There is no single path to victory as you traverse the living, breathing universe known as Bio-Logic. 

“Infect, consume, evolve, and fight your way through vital organs and bodily systems. Defend against medications or take advantage of weakened bodily defenses?” says Gaia, “Grow your bug or hinder the opponent’s progress? In Bio-Logic you only have one chance for survival, learn fast or you will surely fade from existence.”

Bio-Logic has been under the microscope for nearly two years and has evolved into a being that surpasses all games of the past. It launched on Kickstarter June 8th and features Bio-Logic at $59 USD with free shipping in the U.S., U.K., and Canada with discount shipping offered worldwide. There is not anywhere on earth that you can hide from Bio-Logics’ reach.

                Number of players: 2-6                  Time required: 60 min                    Recommended age:  14+

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.



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