Krishen Iyer New Launch Managed Benefits Services

SAN DIEGO, CA – 13 Jun, 2017 – Krishen Iyer to launch a new company Managed Benefits Services platform.

The site will launch Jan. 1 , 2018 @

This company will provide a new platform plugged in on AWS for maximum efficiency. 

The company will concentrate primarily on two verticals. Health insurance and Dental Insurance marketing and leads. Here is a description of the new company platform and launch. 

The platform includes a campaign and direct development system which  provides users with dynamic campaign templates for capture pages and marketing tools. These capture pages have a high click through rate and are very appealing esthetically.  Using in-house developed strategies maximizes lead values by assuming the best possible match between lead and buyer.

This system will be a multi layer marketing platform which provides multiple marketing streams from new organic to aged traffic. It compares user information across various databases to filter out low quality traffic and uses sophisticated verification and scoring system which verifies and rates leads in real-time. Now through this developing site we will identify customers cost per acquisition needs , traffic needs, demographic needs and quality needs better than ever. With a system that can filter these things for the customer our competitive cost will be apparent. 

The platform is already being used in house with strategies on capture pages using pay per click and social media. replicating our success we see publishers coming on to handle a network of buyers that is steadily growing with an average of 5 buyers a month. When the company site is launched new partners can come aboard online through the member portal. 

More to come.

Media Contact
Company Name: Insurance News/ Media
Contact Person: Stephanie Martin
Phone: 8004347767
Country: United States