FPS 2020 brings a new era of FOD management

SEATTLE, WA – 14 Jun, 2017 – In an industry filled with innovation, aerospace FOD Programs are noticeably antiquated. The aerospace industry has been plagued by FOD related issues since its inception, yet a universal standard has never come to fruition.

Enter the FOD Management Group or FMG. FMG was founded in early 2016 with the sole purpose of bringing the industry together to create a robust and versatile universal FOD Program.

FMG developed the FOD Program Standard or FPS 2020. Designed with the end-user in mind, it is developed to be simple yet comprehensive. FMG believes that through simplicity comes usability.

Easy to use and implement, FPS 2020 is comprehensive enough for audits yet flexible enough for implementation throughout the industry. FMG provides FPS 2020 certification by audit for organizations and certification through testing for individual certifications.

FPS 2020 certifications provide a benchmark for those in the industry to meet or exceed. This benchmarking of FOD Programs allows for industry transparency. Transparency allows for a reducing rate of FOD related issues through information sharing. Leaving an industry that is lighter, less burdened by FOD.

Lessening FOD’s burden on the industry not only increases safety, but it frees up man hours, reduces downtime, and speeds up production.

For more information, visit www.fodcert.org 

Media Contact
Company Name: FOD Management Group (FMG)
Contact Person: Derek Maynes
Email: info@fodcert.org
Country: United States
Website: www.fodcert.org