Airwheel Z8 Light Foldable Electric Scooter Performs Well With the Bright Color Design

Most riders of Airwheel’s products are young people who like new and cool things. For them, a perfect transport should not only have a good looking, but also perform well and be useful. The new released product Airwheel Z8 lightweight electric scooter meets these requirements well.

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Airwheel is welcomed by more and more people. For them, a perfect transport should be with a good looking and perform well. The new released product Airwheel Z8 meets these requirements well.

Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter

On one hand, the appearance of Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter is very attractive. Firstly, it adopts the mini size design, which can absolutely attract everybody’s attention on the street. Secondly, Z8 is colorful. Riders can choose different colors and enjoy the feeling of freshness every day. Thirdly, Airwheel Z8 adopts magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance reduces the item weight to 6.5kg and improves the load capacity to 75kg. All in all, the attractive and unique appearance of Airwheel orbit electric unicycle Z8 can surely become the dream scooter of the new generation.

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What’s more, Airwheel Z8 electric scooter is able to connect with the mobile phone through App. Riders can check the condition and location of the scooter through their phone. In current daily life, there is a growing trend that more and more young men start to live merely on their mobile phone, or rather on their APP. They have conditioned themselves into control and live their life. Any move to bulk such trend is far from wise.

mini lightweight electric scooter

Other than that, Airwheel Z8 is also useful and performs well. The imported battery it uses can provide stronger power. It can recharge for numerous times and never has the hidden troubles of being burnt and explosion. The life of it is 3.8 times of common batteries and the service time is longer than common batteries.

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With this reliable battery, riders can feel ease for the safety of the electric scooter. Some people choose Airwheel Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter to walk the dog. Its normal speed is approximately 10km/h and it is able to run about 20km after it is fully charged. Stylish and useful, Airwheel Z8 is the best transport for people.

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