FinTech School to celebrate their one year anniversary

As this paves the way for more opportunities for the school and benefitting communities.

CALIFORNIA, US – Amilcar Chavarria and My Nguyen, Co-Founders at FinTech School are excited and proud to announce the celebration of one year anniversary of their school, FinTech School. This is to pave the way for more opportunities for the school and the benefiting communities.

FinTech School clocked one year, in May 2017, coming after a remarkable year of successful accomplishments. FinTech School made its land mark with lots of early clients and partners such as Moody’s Analytics, IBM, Wharton, and launched its MVP LMS (Learning Management Platform) and International offsite training program (InsurTech, Asset Manager and Robo-Advisor).

FinTech School also moved to its new home in San Francisco at The Vault. There has been a progressive growth curve observed with FinTech School; at almost mid-way through 2017, FinTech School continues to grow along with the FinTech market. There has been collaboration with the CFA society to be a part of the FinTech’s committee and she acquires new clients progressively through the year including: CalSTRS (California’s retirement/Pension fund) and eOriginal (Management services for any business for electronic asset documentation). FinTech School also landed new partnerships deals with LendIt and Fin Tech Recruiters and also upgraded its LMS.

FinTech School has a constellation of practicing entrepreneurs as instructors. Fin Tech School has outlined 10 basic and advanced courses available for learners in 2017 with practical materials.

These courses are taught by entrepreneurs: Amilcar Chavarria, Digital Wealth Management, Crowddfunding Instructor and President at FundPaaS; Patrick Baron, Blockchain Instructor and Head of Business Development at Ambisafe; Timothy Li, Peer-To-Peer Lending Instructor and Co-Founder at Kuber Financial; Edwin Carlson, Blockchain Instructor and CEO at SmartBitAuto; MonteMalhotra, Robo-Advisors Instructor and Founder at Money Intelligence; KaivanSattar, Alternative Lending Instructor, CEO and Co-Founder at Asaak; Markus Lampinen, Crowdfunding Instructor, CoFounder and CEO at Crowd Valley Inc; Luigi Wewege, FinTech Core Digital Banking Instructor and CEO at Vivier Financial Services; Noah Fitzgerald, Payments Instructor CEO and Founder at M-Analyst.

The School has witnessed more than $60Bn in global investment since 2010 and believes that FinTech presents a paradigm shift that is impacting and redefining several financial sectors. FinTech School is not just place for learning and training for universities, financial institutions, advisors, e-learning centers and individuals, but building a community to help solve problems associated with technology and finance which comes through Online Access, Deal Flow, Continuing Education and FinTech Innovation Offsite. 

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FinTech event organized by FinTech School with many participants from banks, financial institutions, and FinTech start-ups in May, 2017.

FinTech School is also pending agreements to distribute FinTech School’s contents taught by entrepreneurs of FinTech companies in the US with the top ten markets in Asia such as a giant telecom company in China, Korean Media Company and an incubator in Vietnam.

Clients from financial institutions expressed their satisfaction working with Fintech School for panel discussions led by entrepreneurs representing blockchain, payments and crowdfunding. FinTech School was able to navigate the discussion and pointed out the overlap between each section of the discussions.

As we anticipate more to come, My Nguyen has more to offer to investors, service providers, financial institutions, non-profits, strategists and product managers who need a mobile app, a one stop shop for all FinTech research and contents. This mobile app will help users to navigate easily, quickly spotting trends, startups, vendors, partners and thought-leaders in FinTech.

About Fintech School

Fintech School is a training company with a mission to shape the future of finance and global banking utilizing technology. The FinTech School was founded by FinTech entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have been there and done innovative programs. The co-founders and executives are My Nguyen, Amilcar Chavarria, and Fernando Cabrales, from Blackrock; Stuart Jivapongse from hedge fund KKR; Jeremy Sterns, a serial entrepreneur.

FinTech School is more than just Finance; it brings technology into finance.

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