Ideawheel C5, an Intelligent Bicycle Helmet Can Take Photos

Ideawheel C5 smart bike helmet is never an ordinary helmet that only protects head. It is an extraordinary helmet that can take photos. In the journey, people can take photos from different angles and at any times. Compared with taking heavy digital camera, C5 makes journey light and enjoyable.

In traditional view, the function of a helmet is to protect the head of people when they are riding or participating some other outdoor activities. However, Ideawheel has broken that traditional concept and has achieved great innovations on helmet. This year, it has released a brand-new helmet: Ideawheel C5 intelligent helmet. It is extraordinary, for it can take photos, play music, answer a call and even monitor the house. How wonderful it is!

Nowadays, many people take photos in many different occasions. When they take a trip, they will take photos of beautiful scenery. When they eat delicious food, they will take photos, too. All in all, they will record every novel thing they meet. Ideawheel C5 bike helmet totally caters for them. The equipped high-definition lens, sensitive sensor, imagining technique and high-performance motherboard will record vivid picture quality. In the meantime, the operation is very easy. After selecting a shooting angle, people just need to slightly click the button and a vivid picture comes into being.

In the outdoor activities, like cross-country bicycling, sky diving, skiing and riding a horse, people can take photos anytime and anywhere. The photos are totally different from those that are taken by digital camera. Comparatively speaking, Ideawheel C5 will recreate many thrilling images from wider view. What is more, it won’t affect the personal safety. Besides the function of taking pictures, Ideawheel C5 Bluetooth helmet has many other great functions. It can play music in the cell phone or some other mainstream electronic devices. Such a music play function will amuse the journey and make people happy.

C5 also lets people answer a call under any conditions. For example, when people are riding a horse and a call is coming, what they need do is to press the answer button. It liberates two hands and people can answer a call at will. All in all, C5 is a multifunctional helmet camera and people need it.

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