Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd supplies advanced core cutting machines from China

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd is a company based in China that is involved in manufacturing and supply of a vast number of core cutting machines required by transformer industries. The company has its own manufacturing unit in Hebei Province of China.

Technology has brought a revolution to almost every sector and industry across the universe. Industrial sectors are largely driven by highly advanced machineries and exceptional engineers to produce some magnificent products. For making these, core cutting machines for cutting of various silicon steel and shaping them in order to create the final product are pretty important. There are a number of such companies that manufacture such extensive core cutting machines. One such company that belongs to China and has grown into a global leader for manufacturing Transformer core cutting machine, slitting machine, silicon steel cut to length line at low prices.

They are based in Canghzhou Xianxian Development Zone in the Hebei Provice of China. The entire production area is spread over 28771 square meters and the main building are spreads over 7848 square meter. Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd presents some exclusive products such as C.R.G.O. cutting machines such as Multi hole transformer core cutting machine, C.R.G.O. lamination cut to length machines, C.R.G.O. slitting machines, and transformer unicore cutting machines. Each of its products is based on the latest technologies and is available in various capacities. Depending on the requirements of the industries and different companies, they could be customized and ordered from the company. Their products are available for customers from across the planet and the company offers its specialized customer centric solutions.

Mitered transformer core cutting machine

For instance the transformer core cutting machines also known as the silicon steel cut to length machines act as the CRGO/silicon steel laminations. These are available in different forms such as Mitered transformer core cutting machine. Each of these varieties is fully automated with limited inputs needed from the workers. Expert supervision is also minimized as the products as made to function in a very simple manner.

Customers may even check out the other offerings like the Center limb transformer core cutting machine that comes with full servo motors adopted with an inverter control. They are highly accurate and work with limited noise even at high speeds. With 20 years of experience in this field the company has a team of experienced professionals as well as a robust team of R&D for developing new products. The company is ISO9001 certified manufacturer for transformer equipment that ensures that the company is manufacturing world class products for its customers.

About Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of number core cutting machines. These machines are essentially needed at transformer industries for manufacturing of a wide variety of products. The manufacturing unit is based in Hebei Province of China. For more details, please visit their website.

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