Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University; New Online Platform for Women Entrepreneurs

Women that want to become entrepreneurs now have an online platform to obtain the tools to become Women Bosses.  New startup, Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University is a one stop portal for women to learn, network and market their businesses. Today, it’s challenging for women entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd. And social media isn’t enough.  At Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University, we don’t only offer life time courses, but also a platform for women to share their stories and market their businesses with hundreds of women entrepreneurs.

Why Women Must Become Entrepreneurs

The world is changing and the business world is not an exception. Many women are leaving corporate America, and taking the bull by the horn and starting their own businesses. Well-paying job opportunities for women are declining, hence the reason women need to become entrepreneurs and become self-sufficient. According to Buzz MG, a full-service marketing and research provider, stated that 62% of women are employed full time, but 58% of women say that entrepreneurship is the most interesting career path that they want to follow.

Work-Life Balance; Women want balance. They want to spend more time with family and friends. They also want time to do things they enjoy outside of work that will spark their creativity; reading and exercising are a couple of examples.  Reducing stress is also a #1 priority among women.  Less stress leads to a more productive and healthier life.

Women Want More Passion; There is more to life than just working. Women today want to travel and have a business that gives them more passion, money, and a freedom lifestyle. As a women entrepreneur, the biggest benefits are that they get to decide on the hours, work from almost anywhere, and pursue their passion and dreams. 

About Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University

Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University is a women’s entrepreneur company. Its goal is to support women with essential and in-depth tools to becoming an entrepreneur. The tools will enable women to live and enjoy financial, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual prosperity. The University provides content, courses and programs on generating and sustaining a solid money making business. We believe that every woman has the ability to achieve incredible things and that life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University is an online platform, available 24/7 with the aim of challenging and inspiring women around the world. It’s for both newbies and existing women entrepreneurs that want turn their ideas into a reality, build successful businesses, and live a life they truly love.  

Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be very challenging and it is easy to get lost in information overload. “That’s the major reason we created this special university to provide women with the tools to become successful. It’s challenging to do it alone; the university will serve as a mentor.” says Broussard.

About Cheryl Broussard

Cheryl Broussard is the founder of Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur University. She has written 13 bestselling books on financial management. Her books have sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide. She is the creator and founder of Jet Set Girl International. She is also the creator of Jet Set Girl Entrepreneur Magazine, a lifestyle business magazine for women entrepreneurs. Her latest book is tilted ‘Money in the Bank’. All her books are available on Amazon.

Cheryl is a veteran speaker. She has conducted and spoken at myriads of International conferences, workshops and seminars on business, investments and entrepreneurship. She is a media personality on CNN and the Wall Street Journal. She is currently building an online empire with the aim of empowering women. Hear her, “My mission is to transform the lives of women worldwide to have true financial and time freedom”. She has appeared as an expert in finance and business on CNN, Wall Street Journal, CBS marketwatch and other major TV stations and featured in many National publications.

Her business career began as a stockbroker with a major Wall Street firm. She later left to start her own money management company. Her firm managed $75 million in investment assets.

Her mission is to start a women’s entrepreneur movement; grow, transform and educate a community of at least 50,000 women millionaire CEO’s over the next three years.

She wants you to be part of this mission.




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