Power Play Sports Releases Premium Quality Patella Knee Strap

Power Play is confident that their new patellar tendon support brace will outrank similar products.

TEXAS – 14 Jun, 2017 – Power Play recently announced the launch of their new Patella Knee Strap. People with knee problems such as jumper’s knee, Chondromalacia, Ostheoarthritis or Osgood-Schlatter’s disease might be interested in this product. It provides support on the patella and thus relieves knee pain and protects the patellar tendon. Patella knee strap is also popularly used in sport activities such as basketball, volleyball, running or jogging, which require frequent and intensive running and/or jumping.

Patella knee support brace isn’t something completely new to the market. However, customers are hard to pleased when it comes to products like sport braces. Problems such as discomfort, adjustability or durability need to be solved perfectly in order to deliver a good user experience. People are always searching for the product that fits the best, feels the best and works the best.

Power Play Sports really stepped up to the challenge this time by proudly introducing their knee strap as “highest quality for your best experience”. By investing in the quality of materials, Power Play wants to make sure this product does what it’s designed to do: knee pain relief and protection. By judging the quality of materials (nylon, fabric and neoprene) and stitching, one can say that Power Play lived up to their promise. The thick padding and sturdiness of the strap are surely good signs of a decent product.  

Besides, the velcro closure of this strap really makes it stand out from various similar patella knee straps. It allows for better fit and adjustability, which is one of the most important thing that customers care about.

Another important factor is comfort. With the strap being highly adjustable and made of soft fabric, customers can expect freedom of movement and comfortable feeling.

According to Power Play co-founder Barry Freeman, the company aims to deliver a patella knee band that satisfies even the highest customer’s needs. “We understand that when it comes to this type of product, quality is above everything. If you have ever used braces or sleeves that feel bulky, don’t stay in place or don’t give enough support then you should know how frustrating it is. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect and we want to deliver only 5-star experience to customers”, said Barry. To back that up, Power Play offers a 100% money-back guarantee for this product.

Early reviewers gave positive feedback on this product for being “adjustable”, “sturdy” and “works great”.

About Power Play Sports

Power Play Sports, founded in summer 2016, is a company specialized in sporting goods. Their products can be found on Amazon.

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