Era Organics Complete Natural Face Moisturizer Cream becomes the Number One Natural Face Moisturizer on Amazon

Era Organics’ popular skin care formulation Complete Natural Face Moisturizer Cream has recently become an Amazon bestseller in the category of natural face moisturizers. Made from organic food-grade nutrients, this potent skin care solution has already received over two thousand Amazon reviews.

14 Jun, 2017 – Complete Natural Face Moisturizer Cream, an extremely sought-after product from Era Organics, is now the number one Amazon bestseller in the product category of natural face moisturizers. Powered by a series of natural ingredients, the product offers a unique 10-in-1 formula that works wonders for almost all skin types and conditions including acne, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, fine lines, stretch marks, rashes, irritated skin, and much more. The product currently boasts of two thousand plus Amazon reviews, and can be purchased for a moderate price of $24.87 at

Era Organics is family operated business dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line health and skin care products by combining the best of Mother Nature with the latest scientific breakthroughs. In terms of its ingredients, Complete Natural Face Moisturizer Cream can be considered a superfood for the skin with all necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. The product’s ingredients include the most potent Aloe Vera on earth, Manuka Honey Cream, MSM, Blue-Green Algae, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Cehami Extract, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. The manufacturer claims that the product penetrates seven layers deep, providing all the essential nutrients needed by the skin to heal and rejuvenate. 

Era Organics mentions that Complete Natural Face Moisturizer Cream moisturizes and nourishes the base of the skin, repairs and rejuvenates old skin cells, softens tough skin, improves circulation, strengthens fibres, offers protection from free radicals, stimulates new cell growth, and reduces wrinkles, pain, itching, inflammation, and redness.

An extremely satisfied user recently wrote in her Amazon review, “This was quite the jackpot find. It immediate reduced redness and some dry patches I have. I put it on after washing my face at night and wear it under my sunblock in the day time. There is an interesting smell associated with that I had read from others, but it goes away pretty quickly. I am on my 3rd or 4th bottle and could not be happier!”    

Expressing pleasure about the product’s recent feat of becoming an Amazon bestseller, a senior official from Era Organics said, “Becoming an Amazon bestseller is certainly a dream come true for all of us at Era Organics. We take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have made this possible, and promise to continue delivering similar products in the days to come.”

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About Era Organics:

Era is a family owned and operated company with all products being manufactured in the USA. After dealing with multiple physical conditions, the family decided to change their lifestyle, first with education and then with the application. A large amount of research and study lead them to follow an organic, toxic free lifestyle. They want to share that lifestyle through the products of unequalled quality.



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