Now Content Creators Can Work With The Big Networks, With The FIRST 100 FOUNDERS Program

NEW YORK, NY – 14 Jun, 2017 – Content distribution has long been a challenge, until now. BONBON Networks has created a push button system to help content creators get featured on popular OTT Platofrms like: APPLE TV, ROKU, SONY, SAMSUNG, and many others. They have allowed YouTubers and other content creators to up-level and be seen where people are looking fortheir content.

“In creating out television show, I started to get exposed to some truly amazing shows. Shows like Curvy Girl, produced by Chrystal Bougon, featuring plus size women in lingerae, with a truly touching story. Top Docs, starring Dr. Jay Goodbinder that helps people with debilitating illnesses, around the world. The No Judgement Diet, created by Katherine Mc Intosh. These episodes were truly inspirational and life changing, as they inspire people to think, behave, and heal differently. I felt a responsibility to use what we had created with our show’s distribution, to get these shows out to the world”.

BONBON Networks has recently launched their “First 100 Founders” program, where they are looking for 100 content creators, with excellent inspirational content, to feature on their network, on 30 different media outlets. They have created the perfect opportunity for the home chef, the author, speaker, DIY enthuaist to be able to broadcast on the major OTT players, without the major expense and development that it usually takes.

The goal is to find the first 100 content creators by August 2017 with 1,000 content creators by the end of 2017. They are looking for videos on lifestyle, insrpitation and entrepreneurship.

You can submit at:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Bonnie Bruderer
Phone: 4153025263
Country: United States