Jayetch Security Systems To Release The Most Innovative Security Solution To Date

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Jaytech Security Systems, an Australia-based startup, has set out to establish its reputation as “the most innovative security system’s company in this modern age.”  The company’s flagship product, the Jaytech Strip, is a no-false alarm, anti-sabotage security system with a safe interface. The Jaytech Strip is affordable, easy to install, and, best of all, features an instant flee mechanism, which notifies home/building occupants of any invasion in progress.

Virtually all conventional security systems possess fatal flaws, which are known to criminals, who exploit them in order to go about their business, unimpeded. In addition to the significant financial losses incurred by a potential intrusion event, the psychological impact of such an ordeal cannot be discounted.

The Jaytech security system was designed to address the need for a reliable alarm mechanism, which would not only act as a deterrent to intruders, but that would also provide users with the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of an invasion, they would have adequate time to prepare. While the intruder is attempting to enter the property, the alarm is already being activated, permitting reinforcement services to arrive promptly. Before the intruders have the chance to execute their motives,  they would be forced to flee or face the authorities in a matter of minutes.

In an effort to showcase the company’s security system’s great advantages, Jaytech has created a dedicate page on its website, which features a handy product comparison chart, as well as an in-depth explanation of what is illustrated on it.

“We have succeeded in developing the first stage security system that is cheaper than its counterparts, allows for family preparation during home invasions, and features instant-flee technology” said Mr. Jay Wong, Jaytech Technology’s Founder. He continued, “At the moment, we have completed product development, and we are looking into funding options, so as to make our system readily available on the market.”

The company is planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon, aiming to secure the necessary capital, which, in addition to private investors’ contributions, will help it achieve its goals of mass production of the Jaytech Strip in the near future.

Jaytech Security Systems has disclosed its intention to announce any further company news in future communications with the press.

To learn more about Jaytech Security Systems, please visit: https://www.jaytechsecuritysystems.com/

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