You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd Introduces DIY SafeHeat Kit to Kill Bed Bugs in a Single Treatment

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You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd, the leading provider of reliable and professional pest control services in Alberta offers a DIY SafeHeat Kit to kill bed bugs in a single treatment. The heat treatment costs only $499 and is 100% chemical and pesticide free.

Calgary, Alberta – June 15, 2016 – A great name in the industry, You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd, the leading bedbug exterminator in Calgary professionally heat treats the entire home to exterminate bed bugs in one single treatment. They have introduced a DIY SafeHeat kit for just $499 to exterminating bed bug infestation. It is the cheapest price in Canada and exterminates 95% of pests in the first treatment whereas it takes 3 to more treatments to remove of pests using chemical methods 70% of the time.

The spokesperson of You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd commented, “Our innovative Extherminate™ SafeHeat Kit is guaranteed to get rid of your Bed Bug problems. It comes with a 365 Day Warranty with a FREE re-treat and delivery.”

The SafeHeat kit includes a heater, a power cord, a fan, a temperature display, instruction manual and a shipping return label. All the tools required to get rid of bedbugs and their eggs come in one convenient box and do not need any special training or experience to set-up or use the kit.

“We recommend you to run the kit for 24 hours per room to thoroughly heat it. This allows for proper penetration of walls, furniture, clothing, mattress, and box-spring,” stated the spokesperson.

This heat treatment method to remove bedbugs is safe for children and for pets as there are no chemicals or pesticides used.

You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd also offer a full house bedbug heat treatment in Calgary and Edmonton done by professionals for both residential and commercial premises.

One of their happy customers stated, “This heat treating method of You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd is very simple and avoids the usage of harsh chemicals in our living environment. What a relief to find something that is not a chemical and toxic! Steve was very polite, knowledgeable and informative. We haven’t had any problems since they came over!”

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Since 2010, You Kill Bed Bugs Ltd, the leading bedbug exterminator provides reliable and professional pest control services to both commercial and residential clients at an affordable cost.

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