“Everyone Knows You Suck.: Bad Boss Stories. A Succinct Guide” By Trish Tagle Becomes a #1 International Amazon Bestseller in Multiple Categories

Executive educator and business consultant Trish Tagle has recently earned the honor of becoming a #1 Amazon best selling author. Her guidebook for bosses and any type of upper management; ‘Everyone Knows You Suck.: Bad Boss Stories. A Succinct Guide is an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories.

Trish Tagle is experienced in enhancing leadership in every aspect giving them new opportunities for growth, and putting them on a path to unlock their potential. Her leadership guidebook is a collective of learnings that are aimed to assist leaders both experienced and inexperienced on how to avoid the pitfalls when leading a group or a team. With practice and by applying these tips you’ve read can help you avoid the negative chatter about your leadership.

We’ve all seen leaders flailing about not being able to understand what their role means, let alone know how to act; or seen people in those positions taking extreme liberties because they were allowed to do so by those who appointed them. Trish believes that leadership is a responsibility, and that one must “live up to it.” You owe it to those around you to be the best you can be, good or bad they will often look to you for direction. Even bosses need some tips from time to time; maybe you recognize that you don’t have all the skills to be a leader and there is nothing wrong with that.

In just a very short time, the book has made a huge splash on Amazon.com. It recently hit #1 on Amazon.com’s bestseller list. Everyone Knows You Suck.: Bad Boss Stories. A Succinct Guide has emerged as an international bestseller on Amazon.com in multiple business categories as well.

In a recent Amazon review an impressed reader commented, “For anyone who is working now, or ever worked in a large organization, reading this book is almost painful. Employees will be reminded of old battle scars. Supervisors are likely to blush. If you are of the first group, you will find this book to be a sort of vindication. If you are of the second group, you may, if you leave your ego aside while reading it, find salvation.”

Reaffirming how her position on the book, Trish Said  “A title does not a leader make. I am hoping that with this book managers see how the people they manage might view them and help them make the adjustments they need.”

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