10 Year Old Social Media Superstar LittleFoxHermes hits 100 Million Likes and 2.5 Million Fans in just 90 days

LOS ANGELES, CA – 15 Jun, 2017 – Known to the world as Musical.ly Superstar LittleFoxHermes and on Instagram as Officiallittlefoxhermes. This amazing 10 year old real name is Hermes Hilinski and she is rising fast and furious up the charts as the next big thing to hit the Social Media World.

Media giants like Disney and Universal have been fighting to sign this starlet to a multi year multimillion dollar contract. Word on the street is Disney won out and is in the works to create for her a Hannah Montana type TV show. 

Having hit 100 million likes and 2.5 fans in just 90 days, fans from around the world have sent her over 1 ton (2,000 pounds) of fan mail. Her talent has also caught the attention of celebrities Sia, Katy Perry and Cyndi Lauper. All three ladies have reached out to show to show their admiration for the young star. 

There is no stopping her beauty, charisma and talent. She even has her on Emjois which can be download for free under the name Hermesmoji in AppStore. 

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