FicFun Creates Opportunity for Writers to Get Paid Even If Their Literary Works Are Not Published

For online writers, getting their works published is one basic precondition for getting paid. Ficfun, an online library that features works of fiction, recently tweaked the rule for aspiring authors.

FicFun, an online library that serves voracious readers with finest works of fiction, recently created an opportunity for aspiring new writers to get paid even if their works are not published. The owners of the online publishing platform and e-library said that there are many talented writers whose works of fiction do not get published on top platforms. Even if the works get published, the writers do not get the adequate monetary rewards in most cases. In a bid to change things around for wannabe top-sellers, FicFun now offers an opportunity to budding writers to get paid even if their literary works are not published.

Being set up by a group of bookworms and literature enthusiasts, FicFun is by nature a free online library where people can go and read e-books. The online library and publishing platform also tried to find out talented authors and insuring works of fiction from all parts of the world. The online platform has now a vast pool of authors from different countries such as Ghana, Argentina, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada, and the United States. The editors of FicFun recently said that their objective is to encourage new writers create original and creative works of fiction. For this reason, the site now offers an opportunity for new and old writers to get paid even if their works are not published. At present, only English language writers can avail this opportunity, although the online platform will soon add more languages to its list.

According to FicFun, writers who would sign a contract with them can earn a sizeable amount of money by uploading articles that comply with the editorial guidelines of FicFun. Writers who have greater fan-followings would receive incentives. The owners of FicFun believe that the new offer for writers would change the ecology of the world of digital literature. FicFun will also cooperate with publishing houses to facilitate publishing of literary works that are worth the salt of serious readers. FicFun wants to disrupt the world of online publishing in a way, and for good reasons.

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