LEMORE Launches the World’s Best Business Travel Backpack on Kickstarter

Los Angeles, CA – On May 3 2017, Lemore launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 7-Day Business Travel Backpack, a backpack that looks minimal but carries everything you need with special compartments for suits, shoes and valuables. With more than two weeks left to go, the campaign has already far surpassed its $5,000 funding goal, raising nearly $30,000 from over 140 backers.

“Inspired by our own experiences globetrotting for work, we took a hard look at the way people travel for business today and were appalled by how little our gear has evolved with the times,” the Lemore team said about how they made this amazing backpack, “So what did we do? We created a lightweight, business-friendly backpack designed to take us from the plane to the office and beyond.”

Lemore’s exterior is made up of 1200 D Nylon/PU material and water-repellent zippers that are weather resistant and extremely durable to keep your gear safe from the elements. Combined with the interior shockproof pouches and an ergonomic design, Lemore is not only comfortable to wear everywhere you travel, but also keeps your valuable items in-tact.

The Lemore backpack has the following features, with each group of features designed to simplify a corresponding phase during the whole business trip:

• When packing, you can take the advantage of Lemore’s extra-large capacity, detachable suit carrier that protects and secures the suit during travel, secured clothing compartment with a water- and odor-proof dirty clothes pouch, and separated shoe compartment designed to protect and separate your shoes. The shoe compartment uses mesh ventilation to keep air flowing and whisk out odors.

• When going through security checks, you may experience inconvenience and privacy concerns. Lemore provides you with safe compartments and spaces for your laptop, technology, chargers, wallet, toiletry kits, cards and tickets, USB port, and sunglasses. There is also a hidden compartment for passports and bills so essential items are never lost or stolen.

• Once you are in your hotel, Lemore helps you maintain cleanliness with a compartment for damp clothes, a pocket for socks, and a removable laundry bag to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

• When you arrive at the meeting room, you need to access your work stuff quickly. Lemore helps you keep important items accessible without having to open your life compartment by providing a separate work compartment consisting of pouches for name cards, notebooks, and important documents.

• Lemore also features quick-stash pockets are designed to keep your hands free for handshakes and greetings. Located between the main compartment and back padding, the Quick-Stash Pockets are big enough for any phone, wallet, or other handheld device that you might want to quickly stash away as your boss or friend approaches.

“All of these designs would be for nothing if we didn’t have the right manufacturer to turn ideas into reality, so we’ve partnered with a major manufacturer that works on high-end luggage for companies like Samsonite,” the team explained, “We’re confident that with our designs and their manufacturing expertise, the Lemore Business Travel Backpack will live up to your highest expectations.”

For more information and to order at discounted prices, please visit the Lemore Business Travel Backpack Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

About the Lemore Team

We’re a team of designers who travel often and far for work. In our years of traveling for business, we grew tired of spinning luggage and ill-equipped backpacks better suited to singular activities, like daily commuting or long-term travel. What we really wanted was something that could satisfy our short-term business travel needs – light, minimal storage for formal attire in a cool, but office-appropriate style – while also giving us the space and compartmentalization we need to experience the new destinations we constantly find ourselves in.

In the end, we’ve come up with the Lemore Business Travel Backpack, which we believe is ideally suited for anyone’s business travel needs. We hope you agree!

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