Excel Academy and eXDee Announce Pilot Project in Student Mental Health

In an effort to improve student mental health for specific student populations, technology can provide the data aggregation, analytics and actions to make better decisions and achieve better performance outcomes across student populations.

eXDee Limited and Excel Academy announce the first mental health initiative for high school students involving student-reported outcomes and student population analytics.

eXDee is providing Marbles™ Mental Health Navigator to summer students to aggregate, analyze and action their mental health for depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia. Excel Academy is providing the students with the smartphone application for free. In addition, eXDee provides Excel academy with Thrive™ Mental Health Dashboard to aggregate anonymous student mental health data for student population analytics, preventative actions, better resource applications, program analysis and better student performance.

There are three areas we aim to improve for our student population, says a Leonard Ward, Assistant Principal, previously Dean of Culture and Instruction:

  1. Investing in students to understand and use tools to increase their capacities to navigate the stressors of life during their time with us and, more importantly, after they graduate. Having self-awareness about mental health is vital to managing it for our students to become the best community citizens possible.
  2. The school needs to understand how the student population as a whole is doing, and we simply do not have a pulse on the student population and the ability to make better decisions to support that population.
  3. Student safety is a priority, including student self-safety. We need to understand better how students navigate their daily lives, how they are doing and how we can support that.

“Simply put, data will give us insight into student mental health in unprecedented ways. It is about time we invest what are nominal fees to do so,” said Ward.

‘Student safety is the minimum standard, but student excellence in school and in life and self-management awareness is the maximum goals we seek to deliver. Our culture and our cultural instruction model with improve remarkably. Lives will be saved, trauma reduced and future outcomes will be demonstrably better,” added Ward.

“We are very pleased to advance the product in the US market, and in particular in Denver schools, which have the opportunity to lead bringing mental health back from crisis and intervention and into prevention,” states Richard LeBlanc, CEO of eXDee Limited.

“Excel Academy has done so much through sheer effort and dedication and grown considerably in a short while. With truly unique student population characteristics, having data will support the population better and spearhead addressing specific challenges that can make the program even better,” added LeBlanc

About Excel Academy

Our school opened in August of 2013 in Southwest Denver with the mission to get students caught up on credits using an accelerated model. We opened the building with about 60 students who were all deemed at risk. The challenges varied, but the most consistent body of work was to not to only build relationships with our students, but to understand them as a whole. Our first graduating class was just above 20 students, but we kept working hard to enroll students and find educators who wanted to commit to the work we were doing at Excel Academy. Three years later we are capped at 250 students, 30 staff members (all returning), and just graduated our largest class of 64 students. Even though we have seen growth in every area since opening we are still looking for ways to improve. We keep our students, families, and community very close to us and let them have a voice when making decisions. We value our students and will do anything possible to ensure that they get the opportunity to receive the best education.

About eXDee Limited

We build products that enable people better drive their own health by giving them personal health literacy to engage with others: family, community and health professionals. We believe it is better to navigate with data and analytics that support better actions and outcomes, and that crisis and intervention are best avoided where possible. Society is on the cusp of self-driving cars, eXDee enables self-driving personal health.

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Leonard Ward, Assistant Principal
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