Speedticketbeaters.com Guarantees They Beat Speeding Ticket or It’s Free

June 16, 2017 – Speedticketbeaters.com is the longest running speeding ticket defense website in the USA. They’ve been active, beating speeding tickets in all 50 states, since 2004. But in spite of the fact that their website says that they guarantee to beat any speeding ticket or they refund the customer…  The company informs us that most customers still ask if a refund is provided if they lose their case. 

A Speedticketbeaters.com spokesperson told us: “The most frequent question we get, is whether or not we refund customers who lose. The answer is yes. We can provide refunds, if the customer utilizes our defense as instructed, because we almost never lose. The more important thing customers should be focused on is what happens if they don’t bother to get a defense.It never seems to occur to people, that if they don’t get a defense are definitely going to lose!”  The company spokesman then continued: “People need to realize lawyersand traffic school don’t get you out of your ticket. Both of those solutions do nothing but slightly reduce the consequences and end up costing too much money. Speeding tickets can only be completely beaten, with no leftover consequences, by a good defense. Lawyers do nothing but plea bargain, and that’s not good enough! And taking traffic school is pleading guilty too. At Speedticketbeaters.com we do destruction, not reduction!” 

Speedticketbeaters.comhas been creating custom speeding ticket defensesfor people in all 50 states since 2004. They have an amazing record of winning and eliminating all fines, points, insurance increases, and record of the speeding ticket completely. 

About SpeedTicketBeaters.com

Speedticketbeaters.com helps customersdestroy any pending speeding ticketin all 50 states. They also provide free consultationsfor any U.S. driver with a current speeding ticket.

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