Reviews on Old Cars That Are Re-Energized With A Royal Protection Plan

OCEAN, NEW JERSEY – 16 Jun, 2017 – Used car owners are realizing that purchasing a Royal Protection Plan revitalizes the faith they have in their vehicles. 

One of the main reasons people love to purchase or lease new cars is because they come with car warranties. These warranties cover major repairs, though there are limitations. The only problem is that buying or leasing a new car is almost impossible for some people. 

Royal Protection Plan offers car service contracts to car owners with used cars that mirror car warranties but takes it up a notch. The company offers a number of packages that are priced differently to make sure they are affordable. These packages are made to cover parts that usually need repairs and tend to focus on the most expensive ones.

It is not abnormal to hear a person argue against buying a used car because the owner is going to be responsible for repairs. That owner is going to have to hunt down a good mechanic, which is hard to find. Then, they will just hope that the issue is fixed for good. The argument was good because dealing with mechanics can be a headache, and their prices are high, but the good people behind the Royal Protection Plan are proving this argument wrong. 

People do not have to worry when they purchase a used car from the dealership or a third party. A person can purchase a car from a family member, even if the car had problems before. Those problems will no longer be the car owner’s responsibility, but the Royal Protection Plan’s responsibility. 

The plans come with a number of perks that should make drivers want to own a used car rather than a new one. Of course, it comes with lockout services and roadside assistance, but there are a number of additional perks to consider such as the Trip Interruption Protection. This perk is given to those who are more than 100 miles from their home and are stranded because a covered component failed. The perk is that the driver gets $75 a day to stay in a hotel and to eat. 

Coverage is national, and it also works in Canada. For those who like to travel, they will be able to do so without worrying about what might happen on the way. 

Having an old car means you may start thinking of selling it at some point. Having the Royal Protection Plan should make this a little easier because it is transferable. A car owner can advertise that the car they are selling comes with a car service contract just in case something happens to the car. It helps everyone involved feel a little more comfortable with the purchase, and it puts more cash in the owner’s pocket. 

The plans also comes with things like tow truck services and car rental should a vehicle be unavailable longer than a day due to repairs on covered parts. Royal Protection Plan is breathing new life into used car ownership at a time when many Americans are keeping their cars longer.

Royal Protection Plan Benefits

Many people want to keep their cars after the factory warranty has expired. But, as cars get older, they tend to require more than simple routine maintenance. Getting stuck with a large repair bill can put a damper on the important things in life, like getting to work, doing the shopping, and keeping things running smoothly. But, with a Royal Protection Plan, you don’t have to put car repairs on hold and put other things on hold.

Ideal for Older Vehicles

There are many benefits of purchasing a repair protection plan from Royal. Keeping your older vehicle on the road and providing a reliable way to get around is one of the most important benefits. Maintaining an older vehicle in otherwise good condition can provide several economic benefits, such as freeing the budget for other activities or saving to buy a new car in the future. Many of the car’s most expensive repairs are covered with a Royal plan.

Use the Repair Shop of Your Choice

Unlike some dealership plans, a Royal Protection Plan can be used at any authorized automotive repair service. You will have more choice than taking the car to a dealership exclusively. Car owners like choice and like to know the shop they’re using is reliable and honest.  

Affordable Payment Plans

Purchasing an auto repair in one lump sum can be too costly for many car owners. Royal Protection plans offer affordable payment plans, so having protection for car repairs is within reach and car owners can budget for their service plans effectively.

Additional Services

One of the additional services offered through an auto protection plan is rental car coverage, for a repair on your vehicle that’s covered under the protection plan. This helps keep drivers on the road and prevents lost time from work or other responsibilities.

Roadside assistance is something every driver or car owner should have. With a Royal protection plan, you can get a tow, a tire change, fuel, a battery jump, or lockout service. These benefits mean you don’t have to pay for an additional service to stay safe and have the services you may need, when you need them.

Other Benefits

trip interruption helps pay for hotel and meal expenses, if your car breaks down on a trip, more than 100 miles from home, if the breakdown involves a covered part. This is a great feature, for those who like to travel and want some peace of mind.

The coverage is transferable, should you decide to sell your vehicle. This can make the deal more attractive to potential buyers and can help you get a fair price for the car.

With a Royal Protection Plan, you will have nationwide coverage throughout the United States and Canada. You can be free to plan a much needed vacation or a trip to visit relatives, without worrying about a major breakdown. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make, while on the plan. This is a feature many car owners with older vehicles can appreciate, as it can be hard to predict when the vehicle will need a major repair, even with regular maintenance.

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