CombatCon™ Announces the Release of Writer’s Track Program for 2017, Including the Page to Stage Contest.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – June 16th, 2017 CombatCon™, the world’s only convention fueled by real martial artists, stage combatants, stunt professionals, experts in tactical combat and personal protection, and professional authors, today announced the Release of “Writer’s Track Program” for 2017

There is good news today with the announcement that CombatCon is releasing Writer’s Track Program for 2017. This will kick start on August 10th to 13th.

Writers Track is a must-attend event for writers concerned with authenticity and realism in their fights and for their combative characters.  This year, we are extremely proud to offer a dedicated Writers Track in which participants may take academic classes, attend panels and presentations, join in hands-on martial arts classes, handle real weapons and armor, talk with practicing martial artists, and watch their fights turned into reality by professional stage and stunt fighters. 

Specifically, the “Writers Track” offers the following benefits over three days:

  1. 14 hours of academic classes covering all manner of writing topics, including:

 > Combat in Literature Today

 > Beginner’s Guide to Writing Military Characters

 > Writing Women Warriors

 > Writing Realistic  Injury Scenes

 > How  to Start, Write and Finish a Novel

    And much more!

     2. 6 hours of panels and presentations, given by our corps of published authors.

     3. An additional 20 hours of general panels and presentations, covering all manner of combat-related topics.

     4. The opportunity to see your fight scene brought to life by professional stage and stunt fighters.

     5. Participation in two martial arts or stage fighting classes of your choice.

     6. The chance to watch demonstrations, armored melees, and the CombatCon™ tournaments.

     7. Admission to all CombatCon™ social events and activities, including the Time Traveler’s Ball.

     8. Participate in the “From Page to Stage” Contest!!

There is nowhere else in the world that will offer writers so much information about combat and martial arts in such a great package.  But don’t just take our word for it — experience it for yourself at

About CombatCon™

CombatCon™ is an exclusive platform where you can take classes, attend panels and presentations and watch demonstrations. There’s no other convention like this on the planet, and you can’t afford to miss it. Join us at CombatCon™ 2017, and celebrate Martial Arts in Popular Culture. If you’ve never been to CombatCon™ before, you may be a little uncertain about what to expect.

The program will get started on 1oth August and will be concluded on the 13th August!

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