Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global Advisory Services Offering Lending, Investing, and Business Advising Services

Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global Advisory Services offer a variety of services that are targeted at helping businesses grow. The man and the company he founded are dedicated to providing clients with the assistance that will increase their success as they go into the future.

Milton Barbarosh offers highly professional services that have a long history of achieving success. As a result, he and Empire Global have gained the respect and recognition in capital markets both domestic and abroad that make them more versatile at enhancing client value. Corporations that want to expand and/or reorganize their operation can rest assured that Milton Barbarosh has the expertise to provide the best advice and the financial services to add financial support to their evolution and growth.

The services provided include:

  • Principal Investments and Assets Management – Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global invest directly and through affiliates in a broad range of industries. Investment types include debt and equity as well as bridge loans that are strategically used for acquisition financing. Clients receive access to leading asset management professionals.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Many businesses will eventually be faced with the necessity of mergers and acquisitions as a means of growth. Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global are specialists in domestic and international transactions.
  • Financing – The financing services offered to clients include advice on raising funds to meet the individual business owner’s objectives. Milton Barbarosh and Empire Global are experienced in working with licensed broker/dealers on behalf of their clients.
  • Valuation Services – The company provides a variety of business valuation services according to the reasons for the business’s needs including mergers and acquisitions, to determine tax liabilities, structure ESOPs, to merge with a partner, and more.

The ability of the company to understand and determine a company’s value has been the cornerstone of their expertise and their services from the time Empire Global was founded. Milton Barbarosh offers a powerful network of professional services that are right for each client and the goals they have for the future.

Business owners who are making any financial, structural, or operational changes in the future should contact Milton Barbarosh today. He has the experience and the resources to make every effort more successful.

About Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh is a certified public accountant and licensed business valuator providing services to companies in the state of Florida. For the past 25 years, Mr. Barbarosh has been advising businesses in mergers & acquisitions, financing, valuation, and accounting. His areas of expertise include asset management, purchase and sale of businesses, corporate loans, equity credit lines, joint ventures, factoring and debt restructuring. In 2011, Barbarosh founded Empire Global Advisory Services, LLC, to continue the successful investing and services. He has the experience and skills to help businesses grow in spite of our challenging economic environment.

Media Contact
Company Name: Empire Global Advisory Services, LLC.
Contact Person: Milton Barbarosh
Phone: 561.843.5757
Address:143 West Newport Center Drive
Country: United States