On The Run Meals – Feel great, look great. Order food online in Toronto

On The Run Meals is a food service company in Toronto that offers food delivery to your doorsteps. They operate with a unique philosophy because they understand that being healthy is as important as the food itself. That is why ‘On The Run Meals’ offers all natural and no artificial flavours’ standard with their food delivery service.

On The Run Meals, offers only nutrient rich, freshly prepared, hormone free meals to their customers to increase their health benefits. They have a strict no-no policy for artificial salt, refined sugar, artificial sweetener, genetically modified foods or any other artificial content. It has been proven by various scientific studies that artificial content and flavourings negatively impact your brain health. These ingredients–including Gluten, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), Genetically Modified Food (GMO), Artificial Sweetener and Fluoride– are typically found in fast food chains. But ‘On The Run Meals’ cares for your health, so that you don’t have to worry about health hazards while eating a delicious meal. Furthermore, ‘On The Run Meals’ members are regularly kept up-to-date about healthy lifestyle and food industry healthcare guide through newsletters and blogs. Educating their customers is their way of business at ‘On The Run Meals’.

However, this is not the only offering from ‘On The Run Meals’. Their customizable experience is what sets ‘On The Run Meals’ apart from the rest of their competition. They offer a unique and customizable design for food that is sourced, prepared, and delivered to the customers’ address. Their produce is locally sourced and fresh to ensure that members are getting the best quality food for their healthy lifestyles. Members are encouraged to create their weekly personal plans with the ‘OTR WEEKLY PLANNER’ on their website. This option makes very easy to create a meal plan for customers. ‘On The Run Meals’ is able to help you when you’re creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Members can have flexible options to choose from including the right amount of fat and high or low carb diet. They are offered all three options for their protein-rich diet such as chicken, beef, and fish. On The Run Meals will do all that for you.

The team at ‘On The Run Meal’ is made up of skilled individuals, which includes practitioners and coaches, within the various fields of nutrition and holistic health. You aren’t just getting a healthy meal but a friendly consultation with every On The Run Meal. Their motto is ‘let us help you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle’.

On The Run Meal membership is free of cost and members will get loyalty bonuses with referral programs through internal promotion and contests. If you are already on the track of a healthy lifestyle, targeting a healthy life or if you’re interested in catering and corporate plans, contact ‘On The Run Meals’ today.

Media Contact
Company Name: On the Run Meals Toronto
Contact Person: Sanja Menicanin
Email: menu@otrmeals.com
Phone: (416) 985-7116
Address:55 Nugget Ave
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.otrmeals.com/