NJ-based Quilo™ Home to launch crowdfunding campaign for innovative 3-in-1 fan

NJ-based Quilo™ Home has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter for its innovative signature 3-in-1 fan Quilo™ that easily converts to an Evaporative Air Cooler in summer and Humidifier in winter months. It’s highly energy efficient, quiet and portable as well.

Mahwah, New Jersey – Mahwah based climate-friendly product developer Quilo™ Home is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of its innovative signature fan Quilo™.

The powerful 3-in-1 device is a Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier that will keep you cool in summer and hydrated in winter. It’s also a highly energy-efficient device and that consumes a fraction of electricity used by regular air conditioners.

The crowdfunding campaign is slated to be launched on June 12, 2017 and is aiming to raise at least $40,000.

“We are glad to introduce our breakthrough signature product Quilo™ to the world. Designed by an award-winning German design agency, it’s the first-ever fan that can transform to Evaporative Cooler and Humidifier in a matter of minutes. You would just need to add ice and water to the fan and immediately our exclusive ‘Quilo™ cooling technology’ and high-end honeycomb irrigation design would start converting incoming hot air into a cool moist breeze.

In winter months, it will turn to a humidifier to prevent the unwanted seasonal dry skin issues & allergies.

Moreover, the Quilo™ is highly energy-efficient and consumes as little electricity as needed to charge an iPad. There is no refrigerant gas and heat-producing compressor which makes our fan extremely eco-friendly in comparison to air conditioners.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/o5Av4NiwM78?ecver=2

What makes Quilo™ so efficient? Well, the secret weapon is our patent-pending quiet brushless DC motor which reduces energy consumption while maximising airflow. We have already come up with the first batch but we need support for bulk production. Thus, this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated”, stated Naresh Kumra, the CEO of Quilo™ Home.

Quilo™ has been carefully designed with the principles of aerodynamics to optimize airflow throughout the device. It’s easily controllable airflow and moisture mechanism that makes it ideal for comfortable cooling in humid months and a great humidifier for colder days. 

“Quilo™ can lower the temperature to 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit.  It also features a whisper-quiet mode for peaceful sleep at night. The device has sleep-friendly comfort light that is visible in the dark so you can easily monitor the water tank and fill it up when needed. Besides it’s a compact device that’s sleek, portable with wheels and can be conveniently stored. You are getting a handy remote control with the package which will enable you to control temperature from as far as 12 ft.”

Speaking further, Naresh also mentioned about the water filter in the water tank which works to filter hair, dust etc. from entering water tank. It eventually keeps the water pump safe and working for long. The device even sports an active carbon filter that filters out odor-causing pollutants and dust particles from air to guarantee clean and healthy air flow.

Backers would be rewarded with the innovative 3-in-1 fan at highly discounted rates.

For more information about the company, please visit www.QuiloHome.com or Quilo Home’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

About Quilo™ Home

Quilo’s mission is to design and manufacture holistic and sustainable products for your home. They are passionate about creating climate friendly products that balance high performance with energy efficiency. 

The team believes that air quality in our homes is fundamental to our family’s health.  This drives them to create innovative climate control products to enhance and protect the air in our homes.

They are a New Jersey and Hong Kong based team of engineers, designers and researchers, working on a pipeline of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. They are proud to bring you their first ground breaking product – the Quilo ™.

To show your support for Quilo™, visit http://kck.st/2tdqoJX

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