AS BEAUT Together With The Promo Of Chongqing Beauties Debut At The New York Times Square

16 Jun, 2017 – Chongqing AS BEAUT, as China’s first plastic surgery hospital which boarding at the New York Times Square, has attracted the attention of the global media and more than 800 domestic and international mainstream media reported it. On June 15, AS BEAUT together with the promo of Chongqing beauties boarding at the New York Times Square once again, bringing the beauty of Chongqing to the United States, the “crossroads of the world”, and once again attracted the attention of the world, letting the world see the beauty of Chinese, letting the world see the beauty of Chongqing.


AS BEAUT Wholeheartedly Present The Gift

Chongqing Beauties Shines In New York

Chongqing, as the city of charming, has three well-known global business cards – “Beautiful Landscapes”, “Delicious Foods”, “Beauties”, especially Chongqing beauties the gorgeous and mysterious scenery are very famous. Fashion and international could be the most appropriate synonym for Chongqing beauties!

Chongqing beauties is not only beautiful themselves, but also love beauty and have the courage to show the beauty. So after the start of recruitment of COME ON Chongqing beauties, let us go to New York Time Square again launched by As Beauty, within a short period of time we received thousands of Chongqing beauties’ registration, who are hope to go to the top display platform – New York Times Square – where only the world’s most outstanding enterprises and the most famous artists could have a chance, showing their own beauty. Eventually, meticulously selected through the strict screening, the most representative girls of Chongqing beauties could go to New York. This time, AS BEAUT together with those Chongqing beauties would have debut at the New York Times Square, letting the world see Chongqing , letting the world see beauty of China.

American Treatment, Opening A New Era of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

More Professional! More beautiful! More fashionable!

This time, Chongqing beauties, who shines in New York Times Square, are another brand declaration. Since 2015, AS BEAUT opened a new strategic upgrade. From the relocation of the flagship stores to the continuous introduction of cosmetic plastic surgery equipment, and then to the technological research and development innovation of cosmetic surgery; from the continuous exploration of international institutions and medical teams to the final strategic cooperation, ultimately, all these are the forefront of the most professional cosmetic technology introduced to Chongqing, making AS BEAUT to become the largest American cosmetic surgery institutions in Chongqing.

As China’s first cosmetic hospital which reaches the “crossroads of the world”, AS BEAUT not only has a full set of American technology, a full set of American equipment, a full range of American products in basic equipment, but also is a strategic leader. AS BEAUT had successfully cooperated with Cynosure Company, Allergan Company, Johnson & Johnson Company, Surgiform Company, Medical Laser Equipment Company, etc., and formed “American Beauty and Plastic Brand Alliance”, and uphold the pure American concept!


10 cosmetic surgery techs, of which 8 from the United States

8000 square meters American style cosmetic surgery hospital

US high technology had promoted the American cosmetic surgery and equipment to updated. When our orthopedic surgeons made cosmetic surgery, American cosmetic surgery had developed into the operation of bones and skulls, that is, by changing the shape of facial bones and skulls, thus changing the type and extent of human heads  and faces. Breast reconstruction surgery, scar prevention and control, hair transplantation and other technologies are the first invention in the United States, as well as pulse laser, surgical endoscopy are the first application in the United States.

As the largest American cosmetic surgery institutions in Chongqing, AS BEAUT introduced not only a technology or equipment, but also a calling and the spirit of self-communication. Loving beauty is the very nature of every girl, and ages has nothing to do with it. And the pursuit of beauty is a kind of attitude, of which worthy of being respected.

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