NEW YORK, NY – 16 Jun, 2017 – The New York City-based trio MAJIX (pronounced ‘magic’) is proud to announce their new single “Burn It Up” has a release date of June 16th on Sony/RED/Faces In The Crowd. “Burn It Up” celebrates a fusion between rhythmic pop and urban radio. The impressive mix of rap and vocals run alongside a hypnotic 808 bass that works on the dance floor as well as mixshow radio. The new song has the music industry buzzing about these young talents. No3Go, the phenomenal east coast duo behind Chris Porter’s “The Water Dance,” produced the track.

It has been a labyrinth journey for the MAJIX trio. The group is made up of talented members Taylor Nirvana Jones, Claire Jones and Mea Wilkerson. The ups and downs of the business have given these ladies a thick skin and the pit bull determination to never give up. The girls explain that “Burn It Up” has a two-fold meaning. The first is an ode to the ritual of writing all the negative things that have happened in your life down on a piece of paper and burning it up in order to leave those things behind. The second is about practicing that mindset and blazing a new trail in your own life.

That new trail led to Majix making their debut at the SXSW 2017 Festival. Since then, the group has not looked back and has done a 3-month residence at the Faces In The Crowd Showcase in New York to critical and industry acclaim.  Ready to take their magic tricks on the road, Majix will be making their L.A. debut on Thursday June 22nd at Los Globos as part of “Sold Out” Faces In The Crowd Showcase, L.A, which coincides with the BET Awards Week.  

Plans for the “Burn It Up” single include a lyric video to be released on June 30th, the record will hit the radio in July, and a music video will be dropped July 28th. There are also plans for the group to open for various artists. Majix is also in development of a reality show based upon real life aspects of the three members’ lives, which the group hopes to debut this fall.

About MAJIX:

Taylor, Claire and Mea have been steadily rising stars since they first dived into the world of music. All three members of the group started their journey at a very young age. Taylor states, “We started off as kids pursuing the world of entertainment at the age of 11 in New York City, which is a very adult world in a very adult city.  We’ve learned a lot, had some tough losses and been able to bounce back and now feel prepared and ready to conquer the world.” Claire and Taylor were students together at the Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS), which has produced many notable talents including Britney Spears and Alicia Keys. Mea attended Enloe High School’s Elite Performing Arts Program before moving to Brooklyn, where the girls first teamed up.

The girls first started performing together as the Love Jones Girlz, and they had their single “M.A.N.D.S (She’s Hustlin’)” released by Sony/RED in 2015. They have done exceptionally well in multiple music competitions sponsored by major organizations, such as Macy’s iHeartRadio 2016 “Rising Star” contest, where they finished in the top 25, and Taco Bell’s “Feed The Beat” campaign. They have also been featured at many major events, including The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Harlem Summer Stage and Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the U.S. Open. The Love Jones Girlz have made an indelible mark on the music scene since their outset. Their continued success gave them the opportunity to open for both Migos and Mindless Behavior. As the trio grew, they found their new identity, under the name MAJIX.

The group is proud of what they have accomplished so far, and they are anticipating much more to come. The music drives them, and Claire has stated that “the raw emotion and uncensored lyrics of the new records and album we’re working on showcases our growth, not only as artists and songwriters, but also as young women unwilling to shy away from grown-up themes and issues.” The group cites TLC, Destiny’s Child, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Jasmine Sullivan, Beyoncé and others as major influences, while maintaining their own unique voice that blends old with the new.

MAJIX’s hot new single “Burn it Up” release date is June 16, 2017.

Hear it now:


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