How James T. Hodgkinson and Other Extremists Think

CAMBRIDGE, MA – 16 Jun, 2017 – Thinking creates reality!  Absolute Positive Thinking was the way thought process of James T. Hodgkinson and all extremists and terrorists. 

The either/or way of thinking is responsible for creating the chasm between opposing views  while its  black or white perspective is in the process of tearing this country apart. 

During the show, your listeners will learn about how balanced thinking is the thought process of dialogue and how its both-and perspective stops polarization and builds a bridge over the political abyss in this country. They will also learn how a balanced thinking allows people from the Left and the Right to reestablish genuine communication between each other.

Jack Beauregard is the founder and CEO of a global personal transition planning institute which has helped hundreds of people discover and use a new way of thinking that allows them to make decisions based on who they really are.  

Jack is the author of 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes and has given numerous radio and TV interviews over the years

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