Thousands of Americans Can’t Cover a $400 Emergency Expense: Can They Afford a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland (MD)?

Although the Great Recession has ended and the economy shows signs of improvement, most Americans barely have enough money to get by. Bankruptcies are highly relevant today, but many people can’t afford even a cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland (MD).

It seems that the seeming recovery from the Great Recession of 2007 is going much slower than the general statistics claim. Mr. Holmquist, an affordable Maryland bankruptcy attorney with years of experience, verifies an article in Washington Post, which claims that almost half of the nation can’t cover a $400 expense. Despite being a truly cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland (MD), Mr. Holmquist points out that many of the people seeking his services do not have sufficient funds to cover these modest rates.

This is a truly worrying fact as Holmquist & Dickerson charge an amount that reflects their prices in 1997. Seeing that those in Maryland, who desperately need to file for bankruptcy, cannot achieve this, puts the news about recovery from the Recession in a new light.

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On one hand, statistical data cannot be denied. The unemployment rate has indeed gone down and even salaries show signs of rising. However, it looks like only a small group of Americans managed to benefit from this positive change.

Reasons Why American Workers Can’t Hire a Cheap Lawyer in Maryland (MD)

Of course, the main reason that prevents people from employing a bankruptcy attorney is lack of funds. But why exactly don’t they have money?

According to Mr. Holmquist, main reasons revolve around the influx of unskilled workers and implementation of robotics. Machines have been replacing people for a while now, and it’s a good thing from a manufacturer’s point of view. Robots are both more reliable and affordable, but they also push skilled humans out of their jobs.

The arrival of an unskilled workforce is a much more troubling concern. Unlike the machines, these people do their jobs poorly because they lack both training and experience.

Is There a Truly Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland (MD)?

For many Americans, filing for bankruptcy is the only way to start over and overcome their financial difficulties. However, doing this without an expert’s help can turn into a disaster fast.

Holmquist & Dickerson developed a solution aimed to help the ordinary American. The exact terms of their offer are outlined at

In essence, it boils down to an exceptional reduction of the rates. Unlike many attorneys, who charge for every hour, this firm set a flat rate for the filing procedure. This offer provides everyone with an opportunity to get bankruptcy out of the way and start over.

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