CICI&SISI announces the launch of advanced acrylic nail stamping plates and tools

CICI&SISI is a company registered in Hong Kong that focuses on the R&D, production, and promotion of nail makeup tools like nail stamper, and acrylic stamping plates.

The trend of manicuring the nails with artistic and colorful designs is rising in popularity with every passing day. The practice of using a nail stamper for transferring images from a stamp plate directly onto the nails which started as a fad not a very long time ago has now become an established trend. The technique of stamping any type of art design or image on the nails is a simple one that can be easily mastered. One just needs a set of tools for embossing the designs on the fingernails on a DIY basis thereby doing away with the need to go to a manicuring salon. CICI&SISI is a Hong Kong-based company that has been dedicatedly designing, producing and marketing nail art tools including image plates, stamping tools, and acrylic storage accessories since the last 10 years.

CICI&SISI announces the launch of advanced acrylic nail stamping plates and tools

The headquarters of CICI&SISI is in Hong Kong and later on in 2013, the nail art tool manufacturing company established offices in San Jose, CA, USA and Shenzhen City, China. Following the incorporation of two overseas offices CICI&SISI started manufacturing and canvassing its image plates, stampers, brushes, storage packs and cases under the registered trademark of ‘CICI & SISI’. The enterprise right from the day it started operating, has diverted resources and employed highly skilled professionals for carrying out R&D work with the sole objective of commercially releasing new products frequently without compromising on quality. Consequently, the firm’s products continue to be as popular as they were previously and its customer base is burgeoning day by day.

CICI&SISI is a specialist when it comes to fabricating nail plates. One just needs to log into the official site of the concern to see the different themes of acrylic and layered plates at a glance. The prospective buyer or customer can browse through the themes before selecting one or more of image plates. The themes include ‘wedding season’, ‘spring’, ‘Olympic’, ‘Indian Style’, ‘Plaid’, ‘Ocean’, ‘Love’, ‘Japan’, Halloween’, ‘Islamic’, ‘Greek’, ‘Geometry’, ‘Fairytale’, ‘Egypt’, ‘Easter’, ‘Christmas’ , ‘Chinese Opera’, ‘Children’s Park’, ‘Blue & White’, ‘April’s Fools’ Day, and ‘Africa’. Each and every acrylic plate is durable, portable, soft to touch, and retains its newness even after repeated cleanings. The translucency of the acrylic material enables the user to see through the plate’s printed lines.

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Talking about the nail stamper tool kit, one can choose from round, conical, and diamond-shaped stamping heads. The set contains an acrylic stamping handle, two silicone stamping heads, and a plastic scraper. The head of the stamper is of a soft texture that helps in attracting the images quickly and conveniently and the acrylic is very transparent which makes it easy to transfer the image at the right or intended position. An acetone nail polish remover comes handy for wiping off the image polish thoroughly.


CICI&SISI is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branch offices in California, USA, and China. The company is an established manufacturer of nail art tools, nail stampers, and image plates.

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