Postcard Perfect Customer Acquisition Presented to Local Businesses to Pump Traffic and Sales

Building a Crowd Brings Web Design and Advertising Propositions to the States

Advertising generates business.  It’s a fact that the web design company, Building a Crowd, has revolutionized in their motherland.  Now the seo Northern Ireland based business hopes to bring the marketing concept to the states as well.

“I stand amazed that what started as a brainstorm idea has progressed from my seo Northern Ireland position to presenting to businesses about customer acquisition within the United States.  But the fact of the matter is that when you find something that works, you want to share it with others and that is exactly what has happened in my case.  A giant 9×12 postcard is evolving businesses into what they only dreamed of being before – and for a fraction of the price!  I am thrilled to be able to introduce my idea and explain every facet of the Building A Crowd concept and cannot wait to see the results that businesses achieve,” stated the company owner, Anthony James McAuley.

The idea came to McAuley that by advertising on a giant postcard, local businesses create brand exposure and generate more foot traffic and sales in a short period of time than many other traditional forms of standard advertising modes do.  The web design artist plans to introduce the tried and true method to businesses in the United States who wish to avail of the proven success formula of the seo Northern Ireland company.  Many businesses can now get the exposure of the big boys to the masses for a tiny percentage of what it would usually cost.

McAuley (along with his U.S. based business partner) plans to approach one U.S. city at a time to enlist 16 local businesses to advertise on a giant 9×12 postcard which will feature his web design expertise.  There will be no competing businesses allowed on the postcard so it will be a first come first served philosophy.  The cards will be sent to local mid to high income residences in order to generate traffic and sales for the participating businesses.

“The method has worked marvelously in UK/Ireland so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work even better in the United States,” said McAuley.  “The states are well known for having individuals with entrepreneurial spirits so I see exciting possibilities and results in the future endeavors.”

It is common knowledge to marketing professionals that as society changes and commerce takes on new ways, it’s important for a business to embrace the changes in order to keep up and to prosper as well.  McAuley has done exactly that and now he is setting about bringing his expertise across the pond to America.

For more information on McAuley’s customer acquisition and his web design endeavors, visit his Building a Crowd company website.

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