Introducing NUZ 02: An Unforgettable Visual Art Magazine on Indiegogo

Tokyo, Japan – Tsuyoshi Takezawa is excited to announce the launch of his Indiegogo campaign for the second issue of his visual art magazine, “NUΖ”, being published in mid-July this year. ‘Lifestyle’ was the theme of the first issue, but this time the theme is ‘Visual Creation’, introducing interviews and artwork from nine European creators.

“I would like to propose a stimulus that will be a power for future development towards those who will challenge their work and those who want to further improve their lives,” said the creator.

In September 2015, Tsuyoshi Takezawa published the first issue of “NUΖ”, featuring interviews with twelve Japanese creators active in the front lines of fashion, advertising, magazines, etc. at his own expense. The circulation reached 3,000 copies at the price of 1,000 yen including tax. Copies were sold on, in Japanese bookstores, and general shops.

Tsuyoshi Takezawa worked for two years to create “NUΖ”, saving money from part-time jobs in order to self-publish and bring readers pure stimulation and shock not found in traditional commercial magazines intended for profit. Now he has turned to the crowdfunding community for help funding the next installment. This issue will be 120 pages, limited to 500 copies and available in Japanese and English.

Some of the creators featured include Peter Sebastian (NUDE Magazine, If Magazine), creative duo NastPlas (NIKE, Red Bull), art director José Bernabé (Adobe, BMW) collage artist Lola Dupre (Lados Magazine, Lemon Magazine), artist Marina Gonzalez Eme (2016 BLACK, Solo Exhibition, Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona) and more.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including both issues of NUΖ for $30 USD.

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo campaign here or contact the creator below.


Media Contact
Company Name: NUZ
Contact Person: Tsuyoshi Takezawa
Country: Japan