Zangu: Best Artificial Intelligence Achievement From An App That Teaches Any Language In a Month

17 June, 2017 – AITeachU proudly announce the availability of their new language learning app designed for kids. The app is designed using the power of artificial intelligence in a new way like never before. The app is an amazing complete package in helping children learn any language and speak like a native within a period of one or two months. Zangu is a fun way for kids to learn and speak a new language free of bad accents. Zangu is available for download on Itunes at the moment. 

In the past, early educators and parents would recommend against having a child be exposed to more than one language until they fully developed their language skills, as they believed the different languages would confuse the child and delay their development. Learning a language is a wonderful opportunity for kids to broaden their view of the world. Learning a new language can help a child’s analytical skills, cognitive ability, academic, and literacy development. 

Nowadays, this subject has been studied thoroughly, and evidence shows that actually, the contrary is true, and experts recommend that children should start learning a new language as early as possible.

This APP will bridge the divide in language, so we can see a more unified world. We accomplished this goal by re-imagining a Fun Addictive game + Rosetta Stone +the most powerful A.I. = ZANGU” Says Kenich, on the App Co-founders.

For more information about the language learning app, visit The  Itune Store

Zangu is designed to help second language solve the three most common problems they encounter; inability to speak out, bad accents and difficulties in hearing. The app also comes a great tool for adults as they use it to maintain and practice a language they already know.

Zangu will solve the three problems which many 2nd language learners encounter; inability to speak out, bad accents, and difficulties in hearing. Applicable to adults too, with time we have witnessed impressive improvements in all three problems in 6 months only. Zangu can also be used to maintain and practice a language you already know, since continued failure to use a language may lender it tougher next time it’s used.

Kids will easily fall in love with the app as they learn using the various creative color schemes and fluid designs. Various characters, scenes generation and sounds accompanying the app will get the attention of kids as the move on their journey to explore more. Users can select use of topics that excites children and help them from the simplest and most interesting.

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