Instead of Changing the World, Feeding Baby Girl Is the Initial Power of Daddy’s Entrepreneurship

Dear Candy:

You may have heard the expression “To live is to change the world”.

It may sound powerful, encouraging even inspiring for many of those young and ambitious minds. But as a person who has been through it all, I have to beg to differ. Most people, including me, do not live to change the world, but for the ones they love. I live to love your brother, your mother, and you.

Did you know that when I first started my own business, even before you were born, not to change this world, but to earn the money for your milk powder?

It all started with my decision to leave Shenzhen, giving up my well-paid job as a vice president, to accompany your mother and pregnant with you when you need me. It was tough then, but I believe everything was worth it. Later, I started my own business for a purpose that is neither ambitious nor lofty at all — to provide you with a better life. What I had then was a meager start-up capital of CNY 600, an office no more than 20 square meters, a laptop, a telephone and a desk.

Despite a harsh beginning, I eventually managed to build you a better life.

It was tough in the beginning, and the process was even tougher.

Throughout my entrepreneurial career, I have overcome lots of difficulties. I have three little stories that I would like to tell you about my services for three Fortune Global 500 companies, namely Coca-Cola, HP and iPhone.

The first story was about Coca-Cola, the first Fortune 500 company I served. To provide the best and most comprehensive plan for Coca-Cola, our team worked really hard day and night seeking inspiration from gulping down, of course, refreshing Coca-Cola. Eventually, Coca-Cola recognized our proposal. We were so delighted and we celebrated and cheered all day for the success the team has achieved.

That’s why I’d say, enjoy your work! All jobs give you stress and challenge in their own way. You will only realize your value and sense of achievement when you try your best to love and commit to you job, transforming your stress into your own drive.

Another story is about our cooperation with HP, which helped me overcome a major difficulty.

Once, I had invested all my money in the business with Company P. But it turned out the clearing were delayed by a month than expected. And it was just the end of the year, when everybody was looking forward to celebrate a new year. SoI withdrew my savings to pay my team’s wages and disbanded the team.

On the second day, I received a phone call from HP, asking me whether I would like to undertake a large-scale training project. I assembled the team right away and together we overcame this crisis.

No matter how many setbacks and obstacles you are faced with in your life, please do not give up, as God will always be there with you and guide you in your greatest difficulties, so long as you have not abandoned your virtues yourself.

The last story is about how I successfully secured the cooperation with the legendary business, Apple. We were busy with two dozens of All-in projects at the time. Though it was a large order, the reimbursement would not be settlement until more than a month later. So I decided to sell the car to make the payment, and finished the cooperation with iPhone successfully.

Maybe you did not want me to sell the car that carried all the precious days we spent together. Neither did I. But you should know that you will eventually be faced with many choices in the future. Whatever the choice is, please do remember always to put the love and responsibility in the first place.

Maybe we common people cannot change the world, but we have our influence on those who would be able to change the world and make a difference. I hope one day you will stand on my shoulder, contribute your part for this world and embrace a better future.

So I want you to remember that, no matter how many frustrations and dilemmas you will have in your future life, never give up! Because God will always be there with you and guide you in your greatest difficulties, as long as you never abandon your kindness and virtues.

After all these years, dad has always taken pride in, not serving numbers of large companies, but in being able to be there with you and your brother, and earning money for your milk powder. And God has always been taking care of our family and blessing us with good health and peace.

Dad: Andy
June 12, 2017

Thank you for sponsoring the milk powder for my daughter.

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